Your lucky days: April 13th, November 15th.
Your colours: red – if you are tired, and green – when you can’t concentrate.

Your lucky days: July 16th, December 14th.
Your colours: white – when you feel weak, and blue – for parties.

Your lucky days: April 21st, October 27th, December 30th.
Your colours: red – to make you more creative, and blue – when you are sad.

Your lucky days: May 17th, June 22nd.
Your colours: gold – helps when you think, and dark blue – when you are alone.

Your lucky days: April 11th, July 27th, September 2nd.
Your colours: purple – keeps you healthy, and yellow – when you argue with your friends.

Your lucky days: February 18th, October 26th.
Your colours: green – when you want to calm down, and black – if you want to impress somebody.

Your lucky days: October 10th, November 10th, December 5th.
Your colours: light blue – makes you creative, and pink – it relaxes you.

Your lucky days: April 17th, August 13th, December 13th.
Your colours: black – if you want to show that you are strong, and red – it mobilise you.

Your lucky days: November 11th, December 2nd.
Your colours: brown
– it pushes away the bad energy, and light blue
– it will help you in difficult moments.

Your lucky days: August 21st, December 19th.
Your colours: orange
– it gives you more energy, and silver – it makes you self-confident.

Your lucky days: June 5th, December 8th. Your colours: light blue – it calm you, and gold – it makes you stronger and helpful.

Your lucky days: July 25th, October 7th, November 29th.
Your colours: white – when your world is getting unreal, and purple – it pushes pessimism away.