Spotkania rodzinne w święta…
Może być nastrojowo, miło albo wesoło…

My family is crazy and we can witness it every Christmas. Lots of funny or strange situations usually happen to us and the same was last Christmas.

My little brother, who is 4 years old, loves to line up cars. He used to just arrange them in endless straight lines across the floor, but then we discovered road-map rugs, and now he makes traffic jams and parking lots. When he asked me for another special rug for Christmas, I called to all of the members of our family, all the uncles who have anything to do with cars or toy cars (not mentioning my father and boyfriend!) and told them about the important task for this Christmas. Few days after my telephone action, one of my cousins rang to announce me that he found a perfect model on the Internet. As he said, it was the right size and ­shape, and had all the necessary attractions, and he ordered it on December 4, plenty of time for Christmas delivery. My brother kept asking me is if his present was going to arrive. It was a busy time for me, because I had a lot of quizes and tests to pass at school and there was clea­ning up at home and all the preparation for Christmas, as most of the family was about to come to us. But the gift was ordered and I was waiting for my cousin’s phone with message that it arrived. So try to imagine my consternation when, on the Monday before Christmas, I got an e-mail from him saying. He was not brave enough to call me. He just wrote, that he is sorry, but he got the message from the Internet company, that they are out of stock as it is hot period. I got panicked. There was not much left but start calling to everybody again.

My cousin was so desperate that he decided to make the road map rug on his own although he is not particularly gifted. Finally, I sent an e-mail SOS to my aunt, whose third husband used to be the to toys’ manufacturer, asking if she could use her influence and help me to find the precious gift. I do not have to mention that my brother, as for five years old, not necessary has to understand the expression: “out of stock”. I spent hours wondering if she got the answer, because she does not use a phone. Two days later, like a miracle, my aunt turned up at our doors, carrying the precious rug in her hands triumphantly and saying: “I have got the bloody thing”. That was the best moment during last Christmas. But I am waiting impatiently, what is my little brother going to order this year…

Improve your vocabulary!

witness – poświadczyć
line up – ustawiać w rzędzie
endless – niekończący się
gifted – utalentowany
manufacturer – producent
out of stock – brak na składzie, wyprzedany
triumphantly – triumfalnie
bloody – cholerny
(przymiotnik ­nieformalny)