Święta to świetny czas na odpoczynek… Szczególnie dla licealistów…

Ania, 17
For me Christmas is not only a family time but most of all a time for me. I love family gatherings and the food which is especially prepared for this time in year but I treat Christmas like a nice break at the end of the year. I spend days reading books and magazines which I borrowed from the libraries or bought especially for this occasion. I also watch a lot of movies. I behave like I was of on holidays: I go to bed late and wake up late the next day, take long baths and eat breakfasts for hours. I spend plenty of time with my family too. We talk a lot, I play computer games with my brother. It seems to me that Christmas is the most relaxing and joyful time within the year.

Tomek, 18
Christmas is cool. I always look forward to it impatiently. First of all, you get presents, sometimes money, what is always welcome. Secondly, you meet all your folks from the family. This is great, because for me this is the only time within year when I can talk to my uncle Fred, who lives hundreds of kilometres away, on a farm with horses, and we always ride in a horse-open-sleigh! This is fun! Thirdly, just when you relax after all of these attractions there is New Year’s Eve and your friends and parties waiting for you. Within one week you experience the best things in life: delicious food, meetings with those you love and great fun with friends at the end!

Monika, 19
I never know what will happen or where I will be at Christmas and that is the best thing about this holiday. For example two years ago, a week before Christmas Eve my uncle called my mum to tell her that he is coming to us with his family. So we had only a week to prepare everything, plus additional beds, towels and so on. My uncle lives in Italy and his wife is Brazilian so we had very international Christmas!