Have you ever thought what happened to Cinderella a year after? Nobody talks about that, but perhaps they should… If you have, then you must have invented your own version, but if you haven’t here is one.

Remember what Cinderella looked like? A good looking woman, feminine and charming, but a little shy. The softness of her blond, curly hair was amazing! Clear, blue eyes, expressive eye-lashes, regular, harmonious features. The subtle jewellery on her slim body smelling of perfume, the romantic, honest girl! And you might think that the prince (his name was Jake, by the way) was the happiest person in the world, but after a year he couldn’t resist yawning, and he dreamt, yes, dreamt hidden in his dark room, about someone trendy, about someone sexy, someone to break this boredom Cinderella had created. He felt lonely. And once he remembered Cinderella’s sisters: lazy, materialistic and conceited creatures, and he decided to meet them.

And what about sisters?

Now look at the sisters! Forget the clumsy, cowardly characters and welcome completely new women! The older sister is tall and well-built. Her suntanned, square face hidden under dark sunglasses stands on the agressive, muscular neck, covered with extravagant necklaces, thousands of silver bracelets on her arms. Latest fashion clothes will replace the boring dresses, this is what a woman should be: creative, sociable and ambitious. She is wearing jeans and a sequined top. Her red hair glows in neon lights. The girl is friendly and talkative. But, dear prince, don’t be impatient, look at the second sister. A short and plump woman (takes after her mother), but with good proportions. She’s wearing a smart suit with a tie… and a hat… was her grandfather generous or… yes, she’s simply extrovert enough and intelligent enough to hide her attractive body inside these high quality clothes, at the same time pretending she is a feminist, she is not: she is simply dishonest, but she attracts attention! With her sharp features and rebellious look – she looks strange and stands out from the crowd. Now who will the brave prince feel attracted too?
They are sitting in Royal Cafeteria, drinking latte with Warsaw traffic around. The prince is pleased: two beautiful ladies are at the table.

What the prince doesn’t know about?

The ladies have just gone to Ladies’ Room, probably covering their pretty noses with powder and their passionate lips with scarlet lipstick – for him, for the prince Jake. He knows these little secrets… What he doesn’t know is that the ladies are not exactly in the toilet, but walking down the street and laughing laud, the opposite sex which he shares his life with is currently in the muscular arms of the gardener he had hired and that it was his wife who actually arranged his meeting with the sisters to have a sweet tête-à-tête with somebody who should take care of his flowers.
He doesn’t know that although he is mean, he will have to pay for the sister’s coffee and cakes, and he doesn’t know today he will notice the first signals of coming baldness on his head… He doesn’t know one day Cinderella will run away with the gardener and he will loose all the money and power because of the scandal… He will know that soon, and when he does he will sit here, at the Royal Cafeteria, and he will eat cakes and cream, and he will be sad, and he will be fat, and the sadder he will get, the more he will eat… Cakes and cream, cream and cake, sad is the end of our Prince Jake.


Improve your vocabulary!

  • Cinderella – Kopciuszek
  • attractive – atrakcyjny
  • blond – blond (włosy)
  • body – ciało
  • casual – codzienne (ubrania)
  • charming – czarujący
  • cheek – policzek
  • chin – broda
  • clear – jasne, czyste (oczy)
  • clumsy – niezgrabny, niezdarny
  • conceited – zarozumiały
  • cowardly – tchórzliwy
  • curly – kręcone (włosy)
  • dark – ciemny
  • delicate – delikatny
  • designer – projektant
  • detail – szczegół
  • dimple – dołeczek
  • expressive – ekspresyjny, wyrazisty, pełen wyrazu
  • face – twarz
  • fat – gruby, tłuszczyk
  • feminine – kobiecy
  • foot (pl. feet) – stopa
  • forhead – czoło
  • go grey – siwieć
  • good quality – dobrej jakości
  • good-looking – atrakcyjny
  • graceful – wdzięczny (mający wdzięk)
  • harmonious features – harmonijne rysy twarzy
  • intense look – głębokie spojrzenie
  • match – pasować do siebie
  • muscular umięśniony
  • neat porządny
  • neutral neutralny
  • opposite sex płeć przeciwna
  • passionate – namiętny
  • pastel – pastelowy
  • pattern – wzór
  • plump – pulchny
  • red – rude (włosy)
  • reddish – czerwonawy
  • regular features – regularne rysy
  • scarlet – szkarłatny, czerwony
  • sentimental – sentymentalny
  • sequined – z cekinami
  • sharp features – ostre rysy twarzy
  • simple, straight – prosty
  • smart – elegancki
  • softness – łagodność, delikatność (np. w dotyku), miękkość (np. materiału)
  • stand out – wyróżniać się
  • strong – silny
  • subtle – subtelny
  • suntanned – opalony
  • visible – widoczny
  • vivid ż– ywy
  • wavy – falujące (włosy)
  • well-built – dobrze zbudowany