…to go to a New Year’s Eve party for a whole night

Mum, Dad… I’d like to go to a New Year’s Eve party and I’d like to stay overnight, because…

1. It is much safer to stay for the night than to return home in the middle of the night. At New Year’s Eve it is really difficult to catch a taxi because everybody wants to get home and taxi drivers want to have a party themselves! Night buses are dangerous and I won’t walk on foot either.
2. I have a mobile phone and you can always call me to check whether everything is OK. If you want, I can send you a message after midnight to write I am still alive.
3. My friends who you know very well also go to the same party and their parents let them go, because they trust them.
4. There is nothing I have done so that you shouldn’t trust me.
5. The host of the party has a big house and we will all have a safe place to sleep.
6. When you were younger your parents let you stay overnight at parties. Or: When you were younger your parents didn’t let you stay overnight at parties – and just try to remember how awful it was and how bad you felt about it.

…to have a party at home

Mum, Dad… I’d like to have a party at home, because…

1. We have a big house/flat. None of my friends has such a big space for a party.
2. We think it is much better to have a party with close friends only at home than to go out the streets or to a club.
3. I will put the laptop / your ancient vases / television into a room where nobody will enter. The party will be only in some part of the house. The guests will not be allowed to go to your bedroom.
4. I will invite only my friends and you know all of them. There won’t be any strangers in the house.
5. You don’t have to give me any money for the party. We go Dutch and divide all the costs among ourselves.
6. My friends agreed to help me clean the house, so when you come back, it will be as clean as always.

Improve your vocabulary!

safer – bezpieczniej
trust – ufać
close friends – bliscy przyjaciele
ancient vases – wazy antyczne
strangers – obcy, nieznajomi
go Dutch – podzielić się kosztami