2006 Nobel Prize in literature
As lots of people expected, the prize this year went to the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk. This best-selling novelist focused on the study of the clash of cultures in Istanbul “caught between the desire for the west and admiration of the east”. He mixes influences of such well known writers as Kafka, Borges and Eco with Islamic literary influences and Turkish folk tradition.

2006 Nike Prize in Poland
The statue and 100 000 zl cheque goes to Dorota Masłowska for her second book “Paw Królowej”. The hip-hop, original language of the novel was appreciated by the jury.

2006 Oscars (for 2005 movies)
…And the Oscar for the best movie goes to ‘Crash’. Phylip Seymour Hoffman gets the best actor statue for his creation in Capote, and Reese Witherspoon the best actress statue for her role of June Carter in “Walk the Line”.
In Polish cinemas we could see lots of good films: “Capote”, “Brokeback Mountain”, “Good Night and Good Luck”, “Memoirs of Geisha”, “Over the Hedge”, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”, “Volver”. We were disappointed by the film based on the bestselling “Samotność w Sieci” (Solitude in the Net) and we absolutely adored Plac Zbawiciela (Zbawiciela Square).

Improve your vocabulary!

skip – ominąć
cartoon – kreskówka
reuse – użyć ponownie
contagious – zakaźny
beads – korale
cushion – poduszka
clash – zderzać się, potyczka