Sport is one of the most popular ways of spending free time. You can do sport almost anywhere. You can choose the sport that you like the most and… have fun!

Roller-skating (jeżdżenie na rolkach) is a fantastic way to spend a summer day (or evening if it’s too hot). You skate down the road, with the wind in your hair, you feel as if you were flying. It’s a perfect way to spend a nice time with your new boy/girlfriend. If he/she can’t skate, you can always teach them. You can hold your hands (trzymać się za ręce) all the time. Important: Don’t roller-skate along busy roads and wear a helmet (kask) and arm and knee pads (ochraniacze)!

Swimming (pływanie) is a perfect way to get fit and keep your figure in shape (wyrzeźbić figurę) – for girls and for boys. Before you start swimming, you can go shopping to get new swimming suits or trunks, flip-flops (klapki), glasses and a swimming hat. At the swimming pool you can meet some new people and make new friends and in the summer you can swim in a lake, river or sea – make sure there’s a lifeguard (ratownik) near you! Important: Do not disturb other people! In water you mustn’t (nie wolno) make jokes like “Help! I’m drowning!”

Cycling (jazda na rowerze) can be a really fascinating sport! You can travel to many places by bike and you don’t have to depend on any other forms of transport.
If you practice regularly, you can set off (wyruszyć) for a tour round Europe tour one day! Important: This can be a dangerous sport so you have to remember to wear a helmet and arm and knee pads! You also have to be careful in the street. You should know the Highway Code (zasady ruchu drogowego)!

Skateboarding (jazda na desce) is still very cool. Girls are crazy about guys with a skateboard in their hands. You have to be very fit and flexible (giętki) to do all the revolutions and jumps but if you can’t do any of these, you can always ask a boy you like to teach you! Important: Don’t expect you’ll be able to do amazing things on the first day. You need time and practice. If you are impatient (niecierpliwy), you may really hurt yourself.

Horse riding (jazda konna) is a perfect sport if you like animals! It’s not the cheapest way of spending your free time but if your parents agree you will have a great time. It’s a perfect way to relax and be close to nature. In the beginning you may spend most of your time indoors (wewnątrz) practicing the techniques but if you’re patient enough you will enjoy rides in the forest or by the river. Important: You have to obey (słuchać) your instructor and don’t do anything you are not allowed to like feeding the horses!

Team games (gry zespołowe), like volleyball, basketball or football (there are teams for girls) are great if you like doing sports with other people. You learn how to work in a team and you get fit at the same time.
It makes you look good and you learn how to co-operate and concentrate. If you are good, you can count on (liczyć na) different, even international contests (konkursy międzynarodowe)! This includes travelling! Important! When you go to the beach you can use your skills in beach volleyball game!

Running or jogging (bieganie) is becoming more and more popular. You can run long or short distances (krótkie lub długie dystanse). That depends on what you prefer. Meet with your friends and have a race (wyścig)! Whether it’s 100 metres or 1000 metres, you can have fun. Remember not to get angry with the others if they win! Running helps you keep fit and control your breathing (oddychanie). If you really like running, you can take part in a marathon! Important: Although running is something we do naturally, you have to remember about warming up (rozgrzewka)!

Yoga may seem (wydawać się) boring but in fact it’s one of the most difficult activities in the world. It’s perfect for your muscles (mięśnie), breathing techniques and you can learn how to relax. It’s very popular nowadays but not many people have time to practise regularly. Almost every fitness club organises courses of yoga and it’s not so expensive. And when you learn a little but, you can use relaxation techniques at school! Important: Don’t try to make any positions on your own. You may hurt yourself! Trust the advice (zaufaj radzie) of your teacher!