Shopping on line and in the real world

As revealed, with the wonderful technology aspects of today, individuals can use their computers and the Internet to get many things accomplished. One such item which more and more individuals are using the Internet for is shopping.

Shopping online can offer much more than you might at first imagine. No queues, no endlessly looking for somewhere to park, every single product in existence only a click away. What is more, no walking with bags of shopping or weather to spoil your enjoyment; no bored partner nagging about how boring your interest in different kinds of curtains is. You can search the world for the best deal with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can then order it to be delivered right to your door or if it’s local enough drive there in the full knowledge that you are getting value and the item that is best for you.

Another reason to take advantage of shopping online is that this website arranges item topics in a nice, neat list. It is so easy to find various items on the website which makes the shopping process extremely convenient and expedient. For example, if one is looking to purchase jewelry, all they would need to do is look under Clothing… Accessories and click on the Jewelry and Watches link which will lead them to further subcategories where they can choose from bracelets, earrings, bangles and more.

Problems with shopping in the real world are many and varied and can spoil the overall shopping experience. The nightmare of finding a parking space close enough that we don’t need a taxi to the shop we want; looking for an item in one shop then having to walk half way across town to find the nearest comparison shop; pushy sales assistants bumping up their commission by trying to sell us something that we really weren’t interested in; and then at the end of it all having to trek back to the car with bags full of goodies just as it starts to rain.

There are however, still a few misleading ideas about the dangers of shopping online which put many people off. Although, shopping online can be a great way to get the most of your money and time, there are merits to going shopping the old-fashioned way too!

1. Walking the malls offers exercise.
2. If you are tied to your computer all day at work, you may not want to sit in front of that screen again.
3. You want to have a cash-only holiday.
4. You can see and try on the items.
5. Festive displays can get you into the holiday spirit.
6. It’s an opportunity to socialize with friends and family.
7. You leave with your purchase instead of having to wait for delivery.
8. Salespeople can help you identify what you need and offer expert advice.
9. No shipping and handling charges to pay.
10. Returning merchandise is postage-free, immediate, and (often!) easy.

On the whole the ways of shopping on line and in the real world are not so much different. It just depends on what you need and feel like doing. The most important thing is that the Internet shops are always waiting for you to spend some money and they never close! The world of shopping is open for you 24/7 and you can shop till you drop or at least until your finger aches!

Improve your vocabulary!

accomplish – osiągnąć
queue – kolejka
shop till you drop – robić zakupy do upadłego
merits – korzyści
put off – zniechęcać
commission – marża
goodies – dobra
pushy – namolny
nightmare – koszmar
purchase – zakupić
item – przedmiot
convenient – wygodny
value – dobra jakość
deliver – dostarczać
nag – gderać
take advantage – wykorzystywać przewagę
spoil – psuć