After a party you are happy and satisfied, or maybe you can’t forgive (wybaczyć) yourself for being so quiet. You love meeting new people, or maybe you are afraid they won’t like your look (wygląd). What kind of person are you? Do you feel comfortable in your own skin (Czy czujesz się wygodnie w swojej skórze)? Do you like yourself?

You look in the mirror and you see a very handsome/beautiful person. yes no
You know you are your own best friend. yes no
You’re always talking to people you’ve just met. yes no
You always try to take part (brać udział) in meetings and school parties. yes no
When you answer during class, you always look at your classmates (zawsze patrzysz na kolegów z klasy). yes no
You have a long list of friends’ telephone numbers. yes no
You don’t mind speaking in front of the whole class (or even school). yes no
You love being in the photos. It’s the best souvenir (pamiątka). yes no


Mostly yes
You love yourself. You feel fantastic about your look and cha-
racter. You don’t want to change anything (well, maybe some small things but they don’t matter). You like being at the centre of attention (w centrum uwagi). People like you because you are honest. When you are sad, you are sad, when you are happy, you are happy. You like yourself and you want other people to like you. Sometimes, unfortunately, you are so self-absorbed (skoncentrowany na sobie) that you don’t notice your friends are a little bit annoyed (rozdrażnieni). They need attention (uwaga) as well.
Be careful: You hate criticism (krytycyzmu) and you get irritated very easily.

In-between yes/no
You like some things about yourself, but there are also many features (cechy) of your character you don’t like. You don’t feel good when you are in a bad mood (zły humor). Then you don’t like anybody, especially yourself! In general, you are quite talkative and you like meeting new people. Unfortunately, sometimes when you put on weight (przytyć) or when your hair doesn’t look right, you hate talking to people. Sometimes you get angry with people too quickly (zbyt szybko) – they don’t like it! And if somebody is not nice to you once, you remember it forever.
Be careful: Changing your moods and attitude (stosunek) makes you unpredictable (nie-

Mostly no
It’s so easy to hurt you. Sometimes you want to have fun but you are afraid. You don’t like other people looking at you and you feel uncomfortable if they want to talk to you. You don’t like yourself. You think you are hopeless (beznadziejny), because you can’t talk to strangers (z obcymi) easily. You don’t like your own reflection in the mirror (odbicie w lustrze), you think you look strange! You mustn’t (nie wolno ci) think like this!!! Different people like different things and there are many people who find you very interesting. All you have to do is get out of your shell (wyjść
z muszli/ze skorupy) and let them get to know (poznać) you better.
A tip: Many people see you the way you see yourself. Love yourself and they will love you!