I love running and I think it is not only a sport, but also a philosophy, a life style. I run about 4 – 5 times a week and if I could I would do it everyday, but sometimes I simply have no time. I run in the park nearby: fortunately it is large enough and ­there are good paths. It takes me about 40 minutes to run about seven kilometers. Sometimes I run more quickly, but normally I prefer to have a medium speed. This makes me feel running is a natural state of being. It gives me the feeling of freedom. In summer and spring I always run in the morning before school. I am a typical early bird, so I get up at six, run, take a shower and go to school. I think it gives me some kind of mental power which makes learning much easier. In winter it isn’t possible to run in the morning because it is dark, so I go running after ­school. Often I am so tired after lessons that I don’t feel like going anywhere, but when I am already there I feel really happy, and then I am a “new” person. When I do my homework or study for a test later, it is much easier. I think running is for everybody, only beginnings might be difficult. Later you feel as if you were born to it! I dream to run in the marathon.


I love all winter sports. I like skating, but my real passion has always been skiing. I was a good skier already when I took up snowboarding. It is fun, although I still have problems on a ski lift. I think it is much easier to use it with skis on your legs than when you have a snowboard! The biggest problem for me is that I simply love long routes and mild ski slopes. In Poland there are not many good routes and of course it is expensive to ski abroad. But my parents know about my passion and they always give me some money for a ski camp. I’ve been to Italy three times already (in the Alps!).
It was great! When you ski for an hour and then down the mountain there are small cafés and bars where you can drink something hot! Punch is great but doesn’t seem a good idea when you ski because it is alcoholic: so tea or coffee is much better. I think I would like to be a ski coach in the future.
It is fun and you can learn some money during winter holidays. But, well, probably in Zakopane, not in Italy, as I know only a few words in Italian!


I like cycling but I treat it as means of transport. I cycle five kilometers to school every day and back home. At weekends I cycle in the forest near my home. Last summer I fulfilled my dream and cycled in Portugal. I went with two friends. We took a plane and then we cycled in the west, at the seaside. We visited many places and lost a few kilos! It was tough because there are lots of mountains in Portugal and it is very hot. We didn’t see many other cyclists, it isn’t very popular in Portugal. The only thing I hate about cycling is wearing a helmet – but you simply must do it for your own safety.


I don’t practice any real sports, but I go to the gym three times a week. I attend three different kinds of classes. On Monday I have ABS, which is for lower parts of the body, on Wednesday TBC – total body condition – with exercises for also arms and shoulders – usually with weights, and Pilates on Friday. This is completely different – much more relaxing and peaceful. ­I ­love it and I think I am addicted. When I have a cold (which is very rare because when you practice some sport the immune system works better), the first thing I think about is that I will miss a class – or more! It gives me so much pleasure and I think I am really fit and my body is beautiful.


I am a fan of team games and I have tried and practiced a few. I usually change the game every year. Some people say it doesn’t make sense because when I am better at the game, I decide to change it, but for me it simply must be a new challenge and I get bored very easily. I have been in a football team, but finally they decided I would be a goalkeeper and I thought it was not very exciting, so I took handball, but kind of didn’t like it, so there was basketball and I think it is great, I love it. Still I wanted to try volleyball and also the Polish team was so good and I was excited watching them on television, so I ­joined a school team and I think it is fantastic.

Improve your vocabulary!

nearby – pobliski
paths – ścieżki
early bird – ranny ptaszek
skating – łyżwiarstwo
skiing – narciarstwo
slope – zbocze góry
helmet – kask
immune system – układ odpornościowy
challenge – wyzwanie