…like doing sports
…would like to speak fluently foreign languages
…are interested in western cultures
…love your computer

But you only have one life of a teenager. Here are some tips that should make your busy life more comfortable!


• sharpen your time management skills
• remember that „if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”
• try to use as much of the classes as possible, as your parents have probably paid for them
• choose the activities that would be the most profitable for your body and mind e.g. If you have problems with spine, go into swimming
• follow your passion, if you like the sound of German – try it, it’ll surely be a success
• listen to your coaches and teachers, they are wise people, if you do you might find yourself a guru
• make friends, the more people you know, the more people will help you when you’re in need
• remember about having lazy times between planned schedule, your brain needs a holiday sometimes
• most of it, remember to have FUN


• do something because your parents forced you to
• sacrifice your free time because you have nothing else to do
• waste the money
• do things boring to you
• take too much on your back, young people get tired too

Improve your vocabulary!

extracurricular – ponadprogramowy
force – zmusić