Holidays are gone but we still can remind ourselves what fun they were. There are hundreds of funny stories that will cheer us up! Here are just five of them.

Many funny things happen during the holidays especially when you are with your friends. Last holidays I went to a summer camp at the seaside. Two of my friends went with me and we shared a room (dzielić pokój). One day I found an open packet of cigarettes outside the window. I thought it was one of my friends’ but I didn’t say a word. I was really shocked! They never smoked! For the whole (cały) weekend I was looking at them strangely (dziwnie) and they… were looking strangely at me. The three of us were very distant from each other and suspicious (podejrzliwe). On Monday our teacher came to our room. “Girls, one of the workers left cigarettes at your window on Friday. He told me you didn’t take it. That’s very good – I’m happy you don’t smoke.” And the funny thing is that each of my friends (and I, of course) thought it was the other’s cigarettes! We all were shocked and didn’t want to say anything!

My dad and I go fishing together very often. We’ve been doing this since I was eight. During summer holiday we take a tent and we go to the Masurian District. We fish, clean and smoke (tu: wędzić) the fish we catch. This year my younger brother went with us for the first time. He is eight and although (mimo że) he doesn’t know much about fishing, he’s willing to learn. One day we had to go to the shop. There always has to be someone to look after the rods. We decided to leave my brother – he was so proud. When we came back after half an hour, my father noticed long green and black seaweeds (wodorosty) hanging on the drying string. He couldn’t say a word and my brother looked so proud (dumny)! “I don’t know what they are, but I caught (złapałem) lots of them”, he said. And my dad’s reaction was: “But did you clean them?” We didn’t eat the seaweeds of course and my brother was disappointed (rozczarowany) but he’s going with us next year!

I went on a camp this year and there were many funny situations. You know, we had fantastic teachers and the people were great as well. The funniest situation of all, when I couldn’t stop laughing, was the initiation ceremony (chrzest). I was at camp for the second time so I didn’t have to do all those horrible things but other people had to. There were many different tasks like eating a horrible mixture made of leftovers (resztki) from lunch and dinner, crawling while other people stuck their feet to their nose. You know, lots of stupid but very funny things. Everybody was laughing and I hope there will be another initiation ceremony next year!

When I was visiting my grandmother last summer, I met a very handsome boy. He was so great and I was too shy (za nieśmiała) to say hello. We started joking with my cousin that I should write him a letter or send him a message saying that I liked him. But you know – it was a joke. One day we were flying a kite (latawiec) and we wrote a short note: “Tomek I love very much, Julia”. We started joking that I was sending it to him, you know. Suddenly, some strong wind appeared and it ripped (wyrwał) the kite out of our hands. I was terrified! There was the joky letter attached (dołączony)!!! But there was nothing I could do. I just hoped the kite would disappear but it didn’t. It stopped on the nearest tree, next to the boy’s house… of course he found the kite and the letter. I was so embarrassed (zawstydzona)! I wanted to hide! Luckily, Tomek has a great sense of humour (he’s really perfect J) and he just laughed of the situation.

During the last holidays I went to the mountains with my parents. We were staying in Zakopane. My parents are quite crazy. This year my dad decided to surprise my mum. When she entered a shop, he hired a horse cart (dorożka). He wanted to surprise my mum and show up in front of the shop when she would be leaving. He went past (minął) the shop two times and she was still inside. He was getting angry – in a funny way. Every time I thought she was leaving the shop, I was giving my dad a sign… The problem with my mum is that she loves shopping. When she’s leaving a shop, she will always find something interesting to look at. And my poor dad was waiting in a cart outside. We had fun though and my mum believed he really loves her.