What if you did not have to go down the stairs but could use the… slide? Yes, it is possible! What’s more, you may find such innovation in Tate Modern Art Gallery in London. Such a gigantic tube slide has been recently installed there. It goes from the top of the building all the way to the ground floor. But no worries, you can always use escalators or normal stairs, if you prefer.

Want to have your computer for your own and not to share it with your siblings? Try this one! It sounds like a science-fiction but it is true: a mouse for a security-conscious. Whenever you want to log in to your computer you just need to hold the mouse in front of your eyes and wait until it compares your iris with the preregistered information it has got. It sounds like the weird future world was just behind the door but may interest some of you. The price of the unique mouse is only $ 315. Have fun.

This is a great stuff not only for housewives. This fridge is the high-tech equipment that needs a place in your kitchen. For almost $ 4000 you will get the first fridge to have high-definition TV. It has got two displays. One of them has got 15 inches and its own tuner and the other display shows the weather, calendars or your own photos. Is there a place for a frozen chicken?

Improve your vocabulary!

slide – zjeżdżalnia
siblings – rodzeństwo


Motorola RAZR2
Yes, it’s slimmer, sexier and it is back! Motorola is presenting now its new face, RAZR2. This phone has not changed its iconic form factor but, what’s interesting, at the same time it has got slimmer by a couple of millimetres. It has also its frame hardened with stainless steel and has got its user interface smarter. Motorola RAZR2’ ARM 11 processor is ten times faster than the first RAZR. It has also its sound quality improved. Do not hesitate, you’ve got to have it!

Gasmask showerhead
This may be shocking but there are people who would like to have it in their bathrooms. This Gasmask showerhead may strikes fear into your soul but this is what it is about! Its eyeholes hold your soap and it looks as it was coming from the wall rather than being attached to it. For now this is a one-time project and is not for sale. What a relief!

Snore stopper
Have you got the problem with snoring? There is a sweet escape for you. It looks like a normal watch but watch out when you start snoring. This device has gel pads on the wrist side. You strap the device to your wrist, turn it on and dial the shock strength from 1 to 7. When you start to snore the stopper gives you a light stimulation through 5 second electrical tingle. It makes you tense the muscles in your throat and stop snoring. The shock starts working when it hears three long noises in a row.

Boynq Toastit Card Reader
This device looks like a smart retro trendy toaster but it is devilishly intelligent. This card reader can accommodate flash cards and costs only $30. It is a pity that it does not pop up the flash card once it finishes burning its data within.

Improve your vocabulary!

device – urządzenie
stainless – nierdzewny
fear – strach