Are you more Polish, more British, or maybe more American? Test yourself and find out your real national identity in this simple quiz. Just answer our questions honestly – and find your score at the bottom.

1. What would you answer to a «How are you» greeting in English?
A) How do you do.
B) Hi!
C) Awful, don’t ask.

2. When you meet a friend, you…
A) nod once.
B) shake their hands.
C) kiss them on both cheeks and pat them on the back.

3. You start your day…
A) with cereal and a newspaper.
B) jogging in the neighbourhood.
C) in the afternoon.

4. What time do you have your main meal of the day?
A) At 5 p.m. and it’s a tea.
B) At 1 p.m. and it’s a hamburger.
C) At 3 p.m. and it’s a full-fledged three-dish dinner.

5. Your main cooking tool is…
A) a toaster.
B) a microwave oven.
C) a frying pan.

6. When you have guests in…
A) you offer them tea and biscuits.
B) you ask them to help themselves to the few beers left in the fridge.
C) you make them eat and drink everything you have in your pantry.

7. You address your neighbour whose name is Jack Smith as…
A) Jack.
B) Jackie, old buddy!
C) Mr Jack (Panie Jacku…)

8. When you talk to people about religion or sex…
A) you agree with all they say.
B) you keep shouting, Wow! and That’s great!
C) you keep arguing and saying, It’s not true!

9. On the wall over your bed you have…
A) a framed needlepoint picture that says, Home Sweet Home.
B) your baseball cap and a photo of your college soccer team.
C) posters of your favourite pop stars.

10. Your favourite drink is…
A) tea.
B) coca cola.
C) fat milk.

11. Your favourite TV programme is…
A) Fawlty Towers.
B) Bill Cosby Show.
C) Śmiechu Warte.

12. Your favourite sport is…
A) golf.
B) baseball.
C) football.

13. You usually wear…
A) ties and jackets.
B) T-shirt and shorts.
C) jeans, jeans, jeans.

14. You go to school…
A) by bike.
B) by car.
C) by bus.

15. Your country has…
A) a Prime Minister.
B) a President.
C) both.

16. You earn you money…
A) as a paperboy/girl.
B) as a water/waitress at the McDonald’s.
C) distributing advertising leaflets in the streets.

17. You meet your grandmother…
A) once a year (holiday).
B) twice a year (Christmas and Thanksgiving).
C) you live with her.

18. What’s your attitude to smoking?
A) You only support smoking marihuana.
B) You think smoking is repulsive and criminal.
C) Everyone around smokes so why shouldn’t I?

19. The job you dream of…
A) is one with a non-profit non-governmental environment-friendly against-animal-testing organisation.
B) is one with the largest multinational corporation in the world.
C) is one that pays well for doing nothing.

20. Your political sympathies are with…
A) the Labour Party (less so since they won the elections).
B) the Republican Party.
C) the party your two friends set up last month.