Mandy17: hi, annie, are you there?
Annie17: hi
Mandy17: what are you up to?
Annie17: doing my bellies…
Mandy17: what?
Annie17: so I cannot talk to you right now.
Mandy17: how many bellies are you going to do before you talk to me?
Annie17: 200
Mandy17: so why don’t you first talk to me and then do whatever you want, huh?
Annie17: OK, but we’ve got ten minutes, that’s the longest break I can give myself.
Mandy17: what’s the matter?
Annie17: I need to lose my belly so I’m doing gymnastics.
Mandy17: do you do it every day?
Annie17: well, I’ve just started.
Mandy17: good luck then.
Annie17: why?
Mandy17: whenever I try to get down to some serious gymnastics I always fail after three days.
Annie17: don’t take my hope away! I’ve got two weeks to lose a few pounds!
Mandy17: why is it so important, all of the sudden?
Annie17: I’ve found this dress…
Mandy17: again? You are a shopoholic!
Annie17: if you say so, than I’m coming back to my bellies!
Mandy17: wait, wait, what about this dress?
Annie17: so, there is this dress, absolutely gorgeous, green, very tiny and fit, but if I want to have it, I need to lose my belly!
Mandy17: why don’t you just buy it now and then lose few pounds so you can wear it?
Annie17: no, if I buy it now I will not have enough motivation to work over my belly, so it’s better to do it now.
Mandy17: but by the time you are ready somebody will have bought your dress just in front of your eyes!
Annie 17: good point…
Mandy17: beside, you do not have to buy this size, you may buy a bigger one.
Annie17: no way, that’s not going to happen under any circumstances. I want to look beautiful and not like a ham wrapped in the green paper.
Mandy17: I can smell a rat in your story. Why is it so important to buy this particular dress in two weeks time?
Annie17: no reason…
Mandy17: is it when Mr Perfect is coming to town from studies?
Annie17: well, that’s not the main reason of course. I want to have a nice body to… have it, for myself.
Mandy17: so when is David, your boyfriend, to – be coming to town?
Annie17: next Saturday but I do not think I meet him.
Mandy17: but if you do, you may need a dress, right?
Annie17: well.
Mandy17: let’s go to the real gym tomorrow, I can be your private instructor for once!