You want to make a party because you want to celebrate your birthday. Answer the questions below and find out what is the best birthday celebration for you.

Birthday! It’s one of the most desirable days of the year. Everybody treats you as if you were a king or queen. You get presents and you are all so happy! And this year.
Do you have any idea how to celebrate your birthday?

1. You want to buy new clothes.
a. You take your friends with you because you need help.
b. You go with your best friend, sister or brother.
c. You always go alone.

2. You are to take part in a school play.
a. Fantastic! I invite all my friends to see me.
b. I concentrate on my role.
c. I do everything to get out of it.

3. You go for a trip with your school mates to a place you’ve already
been to.
a. I play a guide and tell everything I know to my friends.
b. I tell them I’ve been there and if they have any questions, I answer.
c. I say nothing.

4. You have an opportunity to get good marks at school but you have to write an essay and read
it in front of the whole school.
a. Very good! I’d do it even without any marks.
b. If I’m sure, I will manage the subject, I’ll do it.
c. No way! There are other ways to get good marks.

5. What’s the best outfit for the New
Year’s Eve party?
a. It must be fantastic, unusual and imaginative. Something really special.
b. Clean and elegant but nothing extravagant.
c. Normal, everyday clothes.

Mostly a
You are a party animal! You love people’s attention and you wouldn’t stand staying alone at home on your birthday. If you can’t afford a party this year, go to a club with your friends. You love being popular and during your birthday everybody will notice you. If you have no laud birthday celebration, you are really unhappy!

Mostly b
Sometimes you like to celebrate your birthday with friends, sometimes just with family and sometimes on your own. You like people attention but only when you do something special. If you are not sure if you want to have a party this year, just listen to your heart. Even if you will regret staying home, you know that next year you can do differently.

Mostly c
You are so shy that you want to run away and hide every time you see people. You would like to be popular and celebrate your birthday with 100 people but you believe that nobody likes you. You don’t have to have a big party. A good time with your closest friends is also a very good way to spend your birthday.


Eight birthday tips – osiem urodzinowych wskazówek

1. You are the most important person this time so if you are planning a party, find somebody you can trust to take care of the party. You have fun!
2. Be happy with every present you get and don’t expect anything in particular. A present you don’t like is not a reason to destroy your day.
3. Don’t forget about a birthday cake! Candles are compulsory even if you go to a bar.
4. Pay attention to your guests’ music preferences but, still, it’s your birthday so use your own songs selection.
5. Make yourself look pretty and glowing. Take a bath, fix your hair. Be a king for a day!
6. Smile! Always, even if you are tired. Be a diplomat. It will help you stay in a good mood.
7. Make sure you know the people you invite. A party of friends will help to avoid unpleasant situations.
8. Take photos! It will remind you a good time with friends and that before the party you were one year younger.



desirable – pożądany
destroy – zniszczyć, zepsuć
reason – powód
compulsory – obowiązkowy
birthday cake – tort
unpleasant – niemiłe
remind – przypomnieć
among, amongst – wśród
school play – szkolne
guide – przewodnik
regret – żałować
run away – uciekać
hide – chować się