What is written in the stars for You this year? Check this out! It may help you staying healthy through the year!

Aries (Baran)
Aries health is generally good, as these are the sort of people who never seem to get sick, even in the worst winter weather. Accidents as a result of over-activity are also quite common, and the rambunctious Aries needs to remember to take the time to stretch carefully before performing physical exercise. A certain tendency towards epilepsy may also be noted here, albeit rarely.

Taurus (Byk)
They have an excellent complexion and good skin tone. They may tend towards the heavy side in terms of weight, but a little exercise is sufficient to convert this wayward mass into solid muscle. The internalizing of emotions may serve to cause ulcers over time, or trigger a severe depression. The mouth, neck and throat are traditionally associated with this Sign, so there is a risk of upper respiratory disease ranging from sore throat to lung cancer.

Gemini (Bliźnięta)
There is no such thing as an unhealthy Gemini – as long as they have room to roam and aren’t kept confined, either mentally or physically. The arms and hands are the body parts traditionally associated with this Sign, so beware broken limbs. There is also a tendency for coughs, colds, and other lung-based complaints. A Gemini may develop psychosomatic stress disorders if they perceive themselves to be tied down to a particular job or situation that they have ceased to regard as appropriate. True health is a function of true freedom for these wanderers.

Cancer (Rak)
Most of the health problems of the Cancer personality are caused by an excess of worry regarding threats to the hearth and home. Depression may be the result of lack of attention on the part of their loved ones, but the real indication of a true health hazard is when Cancerians stop complaining – they get very stoic when actually ill. Said illnesses seem to center on the digestive tract, and may also manifest themselves as eating disorders. The key to overall good health is plenty of leisure time in which to truly relax.

Leo (Lew)
The typical Leo is a happy and healthy sort who would never breathe a word of complaint against the nature of being. It is only when they are stymied in their goals, or deprived of emotional feedback, that Leos lose their habitual goal and become gloomy and withdrawn. A Leo’s woes are more likely to be physical, with high fevers, sudden illnesses and even more sudden accidents being typical.

Virgo (Panna)
Virgos ought to look out for digestive upsets and drink plenty of water to keep their system in peak condition. There may also be troubles with hernias, malnutrition or the lymphatic system as well. All in all, Virgos are a sturdy bunch with strong inclinations towards hypochondria, so there may not be anything truly wrong with them. A bit of encouragement is needed when they’re on their sickbed for them to recover as quickly as possible, as they love being fussed over. Virgos need to learn how to relax effectively to avoid stress-related symptoms.

Libra (Waga)
The typical Libran may manifest tendencies towards frequent illness if obliged to live and work alone for long periods of time. Otherwise, they are very healthy, and thrive in surroundings that are calm, peaceful and well decorated. Libras ought to watch out for back problems in later life, and get plenty of sacroiliac support in the meanwhile.
The kidneys, liver and skin are also at risk.

Scorpio (Skorpion)
Scorpios are rarely ill, but when they are it is almost invariably life-threatening. They may inadvertently bring about the downfall of their own health by being too hard on themselves, whether mentally or physically. A series of accidents may become manifest due the Scorpio’s incessant drive, as they are rushing about trying to take care of business. A variety of other ailments may arise, including nose and throat problems.

Sagittarius (Strzelec)
Rheumatic arthritis is a common affliction later in life, as are diseases communicable through animals – Sagittarius people are overly fond of animals and tend to be closely involved with them in their daily routine. Asthma may rear its ugly head as well. Sagittarians like to take lots of risks, so injuries from sporting accidents and the like are unfortunately very common among members of this Sign. Hedonistic excess in fine food and drink may also cause digestive problems or obesity.

Capricorn (Koziorożec)
The throat, the teeth and the knees are all traditionally associated with the Sign of the Goat, so special attention should be paid by the Capricorn native to the maintenance of good oral hygiene. Stretching before exercise is also important. Sober and temperate in lifestyle, these hardy individuals are capable of surviving to great ages, if the constant bugbears of worry, heavy responsibilities and general pessimism don’t take their toll first.

Aquarius (Wodnik)
The eyes, the lungs and the ankles are the regions of the body that are traditionally associated with the Sign of the Water Bearer, so any first line of defense against affliction for the Aquarius person should be founded on these principle strong points. Prone to imaginary afflictions and phobias of every sort, many of the things that ail an Aquarius need only to dissipate and mysteriously as they arrived, although for the duration they can cause major discomfort.

Pisces (Ryby)
Piscean natives are urged to wear comfortable shoes at all times. A Pisces without adequate outlet for his or her dreams and fantasies may become morbid or withdrawn, and may take to the excessive consumption of drugs or alcohol in order to escape from the extreme emotional distress this may engender.
An acute psychological depression may also ensue. The sensitive Piscean psyche suffers greatly in times of stress and has very few personal reserves to draw upon to stiffen their resistance. Once ill, it is a long, hard uphill journey before wellness is again arrived at for the fishes.

Improve your vocabulary!

get sick – zachorować
headache – ból głowy
backaches – ból pleców
baldness – łysienie
ulcers – zgaga
sore throat – ból gardła
lung cancer – rak płuc
broken limbs – złamane kończyny
cough – kaszel
colds – przeziębienie
illness – choroba
digestive tract – układ trawienny
eating disorders – zaburzenia łaknienia
fever – gorączka
woes – niedole
peak condition – szczytowa forma
hernia – przepuklina
malnutrition – niedożywienie
lymphatic system – układ limfatyczny
kidney – nerka
liver – wątroba
skin – skóra
ailment – dolegliwość
injury – uraz
obesity – otyłość
teeth – zęby
knees – kolana
eyes – oczy
lungs – płuca
ankle – kostka
affliction – przypadłość
suffer – cierpieć
resistance – odporność