It is really possible that you’ll meet the love of your life this spring. You have to be also very careful not to hurt anybody.

You may be really confused this spring. One of your friends may appear to be something more than just a friend.

A great time for you to get fit. Start doing what you have been planning for quite a long time. Libra may help you.

You can expect qiute a lot of money from somebody in your family. Don’t spend it because you may need it in June.

You will have to make a lot of decissions this spring but think twice before you do what Scorpio will suggest.

You will be in a very good mood this spring. From time to time you may feel a bit weak but it’s spring so don’t worry.

Love is in the air! You will have many fans this spring so if you are not single, think before you make any decission.

Good marks and success at school but you are too stressed. Try to relax and don’t care so much about money.

Mainly luck but be really careful with cancer, especially in May. Don’t believe everything he/she says.

If you are more cheerful, everything with your partner will be all right. Somebody will tell you a secret. Keep it for yourself.

You’ll meet some people and they may become your good friends but don’t forget your old ones. They’re still there.

Travelling and adventure but you may have some problems at school. Pay more attention to what teachers say.