There are so many beautiful places all over the world and, of course, it would be fantastic to be able to see them all but what would be the first place you would go to? A place of your dreams! Imagine you have enough time and money to travel there, where would you go?

My family always goes abroad during the holidays. We’ve already been to Greece, Italy and Egypt. But there is still one place I’d love to go… I’ve heard so many stories about the place. That it is the most beautiful place in the world and the most mysterious as well. All I know is that the photos I saw make me think of the place all the time. It’s Bali, an Indonesian island. I really want to go there and I even talked with my parents, but unfortunately it’s still very expensive to get there. To be honest I really don’t know what’s so special about Bali. I just feel it’s a place I will love. I’m trying to save money but for now I visit the Internet websites and look at the fantastic photos of the island.

Everybody’s heard about the Grand Canyon, right. All of my friends would love to see it. It’s something incredible! The Grand Canyon is over 400 km long so the weather varies depending on where you are. Fauna and flora are also worth seeing and of course the views you will never forget! It would be a very expensive trip if I was to go to any part of the Grand Canyon. You know, you can’t walk the whole canyon straight away! You have to keep to the track, be fit and know how to behave when there is a wild nature around you.
I’ve already made my decision. I’m going to finish high school and then go to work in the USA. There are special programmes for students from all over the world. You work in the USA for one month and then you can travel for another one. I would be the happiest person in the world! I would take my camera, and I have to learn English of course.

Since I remember I’ve always wanted to see the Great Wall of China. It would be a very long journey because this miracle of architecture can’t be seen in one day! It stretches over approximately 6,400 km!
The Great Wall is one of the most exciting megastructures in the world! And it’s the longest structure that human ever made! Did you know you can see it from the Earth’s orbit? Well, some people say you can see it from the moon but that’s not true.
I remember when I was seven or eight when my father and I watched a documentary about the Great Wall. I got so fascinated that my family knows what to buy for my birthday now: everything that is connected with the Great Wall. I really hope I’ll see it one day…

When I was a kid there was a program for children on Saturday morning. They were travelling to different places in the world. They went to Prater (in Wiena), Hansapark (in Germany) but I remembered Disneyland! I always loved Disney movies and seeing all my favourite characters in one place would be fantastic. I would love to go to the States – there is the biggest theme park! For now, though, I’m planning to go to Paris. There is a Disneyland. I’m a bit afraid that there will be nobody who wants to enjoy all the attractions with me. My friends think they are too old. But for me it’s a childhood dream and now my parents have decided to let me go. My younger cousin may go with me. Oh, you think there are only Disney’s characters? You’re wrong! There are laboratories, space ship simulators and many other attractions. I’m going to have fun!