Day by Julia

6.30 – The alarm clock goes up. I have to get up and get ready.
My next marvelous day starts, as usual full of plans and things that have to be done.
Let me just look into my schedule. Mm…, I have to pick up my little brother from school, meet Sylvia at 16 in a shopping mall to get a present for Agate’s birthday. I need to remember about the money. Next the pensioners’ house. Finally the swimming pool. Let’s start.
7 min shower
5 min dressing up
10 min breakfast
extra 3 min for preparing second breakfast
The bus leaves at 7.10.
Oh not again, the traffic is the worst on Monday. Why do I always forget about that, I should have taken the 6.55 bus, now I’m going to be late for Mathematics.
8.02 I’m late. There’s gonna be trouble.
15.20 The classes are over.
Now off to the meeting with Sylvia. Mrs. Piotrowska, the Maths teacher, wasn’t angry at me, I never come late. My usual sorry was enough to satisfy her. Biology was boring as usual and there is a simple homework. Polish not so challenging. English as always refreshing. Chemistry nothing new. The school canteen served the worst dinner ever!
Let’s escort little Tommy home to his mummy and then to the mall. I wonder what Sylvia wants to get for Agate. She is always full of ideas I can rely on her. Oh, here she is. Let’s do some fabulous shopping!
18.00 The pensioners house.
I have to play chess with Mr. Nowak or he will hate me. I forgot to do it last Monday. I hope Ms. Sokolowska will watch the news with me and old Samuel goes out with me for a walk.
19.30 Finally the swimming pool.
It’s time to strengthen my muscles and relax a bit. The pool is almost empty, I’ll have whole track to myself J.
20.15 Home at last
Two hours for homework and I’ll have time for Brown’s book. Tomorrow is Tuesday, let me check my schedule. Oh, it’s my time to cook the dinner and walk the dog in the morning…

Day by Steve

6.30 It’s the clock again. I’ll switch it into snooze.
6.45 Not again. Snooze!
7.00 Stupid clock, let me just take another five minutes…
7.20 Oh, bloody hell. Now I’m going to be late.
What’s the day today? What’s the first lesson?
Piotrowska is going to humiliate me again.
15.20 Wasn’t that bad, I wonder what the guys are planning today. There is ­nothing on TV today. Maybe someone could pop in. I have some new things installed on my comp. I’ll hang around with my pals if ­nothing interesting comes up.
18.00I have gone to Jake’s. He is still crazy but his apple is amazing.
19.30 I’m still waiting for something to happen. If not, I’ll have to take a look at the homework. The second option is to arrive at school earlier than today and copy all the missing work. I don’t need to be too brainy.
20.15 I’ve scrutinized the TV guide and found some of the classics. Maybe the evening won’t be ruined…

Improve your vocabulary!

go up – włączać się
get up – wstawać
marvelous – cudowny
pick up – odbierać
dress up – ubierać się
refreshing – odświeżający
school canteen – stołówka szkolna
rely on sb – polegać na kimś
strengthen – wzmocnić
switch into – przełączać
snooze – drzemka
humiliate – upokorzyć
pop in – wstąpić
hang around – krążyć bez celu
pal – kumpel
take a look – przyjrzeć się
scrutinized – szczegółowo przejrzeć