Do you know that…

What school do you prefer: American, French or Polish one? Read our text.

School in Sweden
Studying in any kind school is for free. Parents and children don’t have to pay for books, meals at school, school bus or a school doctor.
In every school there’s a headmaster. This person makes decisions but he always asks students if they agree! Parents are also asked!
A school year in Sweden starts at the end of August and it finishes at the beginning of June. It lasts for 40 weeks and is divided into two semesters.

School in France
Lessons at French schools last for 60 or 55 minutes. Students stay at school from 8 a.m. till at least 4.30 p.m. Between 12 and 2 p.m. there is a dinner break.
On Wednesday afternoons students have a free time.
A school year is divided into three trimesters.
At the end of every trimester students get marks and opinions from every teacher. Children don’t get diplomas cause diplomas are sent to the parents.
Students have one week off for All Saint Day, 2 weeks for Christmas, they have also 2 weeks of winter and 2 weeks of spring holiday! The summer holidays last two months!
The marks scale is completely different than in many countries. Marks in France are from
0 to 20 and 10 is considered as „passed”.

School in the USA
(on the example of Texas)
In an American school students are not divided into groups of one level like in Poland (e.g. 1a, 1b, 1c…). All students are in one class but every student chooses, with a teacher and the parents, which subjects are the best for him/ her.
There is a group of compulsory subjects. Every student has to have during his education: two semesters of math, four semesters of English, two semesters of science (e.g. geography, biology, physics, chemistry), two of history and two of political education, one semester of physical education, one of social subjects (psychology, sociology), one humanistic subject (history of art, theory of music, foreign language). Students choose also some extra subject like theatre, orchestra, keyboarding etc.
Ambitious students can finish high school one year earlier, after eleven years of studying. It is very difficult cause they have to learn more subjects but if they manage, they are rewarded with a financial help of a state.

School in Spain
In Spain there are rules for all the schools in the country. First of all, students have to learn Kastilian language (this is Spanish that we know), secondly, every school teaches the language of its province.
A school year in nurseries and primary schools starts in the middle of September and it finishes in the middle of June. In secondary schools it lasts from the 1st of October till the 30th of June.
Education in primary school lasts six years and learning is divided into three cycles. Each of them is two-year long. Marks and opinions about a student are given to the parents every two years.