Brad is going to be a pilot!
Brad Pitt, well known as a great actor and Angelina Jolie’s boyfriend has achieved a new step in his sport career. Although he is already a very good motor driver, he has decided to become a pilot, just like his brave wife. He got his pilot license after having attended a course; however his best friend, George Clooney does not want to fly with him. Clooney says that Brad is not as good pilot as Angelina is, and so he is too afraid of loosing his life to fly with Pitt.

Love affair again!
Paris Hilton has recently decided to take up tennis lessons. She is said to be tired and weak, so she has made up her mind and went for her first tennis lesson. Unfortunately the tennis course did not last long, as she started dating her coach. Poor Paris, no matter what she touches, it does not change into gold but into love affair…

Madonna loves horses
Madonna is a real sport heroine. Not only she has created a fashion for yoga and pilates, but she also promotes the love for horses. When such stars like actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron attends their pilates and yoga courses, Madonna rides her horse in her spare time. Although last year she fell off the horse and broke two ribs, she decided to go on riding as this activity seems to give her a lot of pleasure.

What a brave woman!
Martyna Wojciechowska has just published a book, in which she tells about her brave excursion on Mount Everest. She has been third and the youngest Polish woman to reach this top. But Martyna has got much more achievements than this one. She is the only woman from East Europe to
finish Paris-Dakar race. Her hobby is diving, shooting and of course travelling. As she says, Martyna is a perfect person to take off: she does not smoke, does not drink strong alcohols, goes to bed early and has an active lifestyle.

He is so agile!
Women love him, football fans admire him. Cristiano Ronaldo has been just nominated by FIFA as the best football player of 2006. Although he is only 21, he has achieved a lot. He started playing as a 12 year old boy and in the age of 18 he became third the most expensive teenager in football world. Papers say that he is so agile, that he could open a con of coke with his foot.

Improve your vocabulary!

gossip – plotka
to gossip – plotkować
last – trwać
step – krok
pilot license – licencja pilota
attend – uczęszczać
rib – żebro