Stay on top of the latest fashion trends! Great with skinny jeans and tunics. Leggins and very short dresses. Comfortable! And in so many colours and shapes that you can choose the ones that match you perfectly!

If you love skimmers…

Black skimmers for universal minds, minimalist moods, wearing black. Great with blue jeans, too. You will choose them if your maxim is simplicity.

The leopard skimmers for passionate Lions and adventure lovers. You show you hate being bored. Take them to Africa and enjoy the desert! Great with all kinds of jeans.

Red skimmers like blood make your blood move more quickly. Try to wear red all over your body: red jeans, shoes and a top. If you are shy or depressed, they will help.

Crazy mini skirt, legwarmers, long tunic to balance their sweetness. If you chose them, you are romantic by nature.

Purity, cleanness. Well, not very practical… But if you wear them with a white suit, you are the pearl of the party! Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective!

Be careful! Wear them only if you have long legs as the lace tied at the ankle shortens your limbs. If you wear them, you want to protest against being a good girl, But they are really sexy at the same time! Great with flowery patterns on dresses.

For all friends of the environment – these skimmers will give comfort all eco-lovers. With a simple dress or shorts. Comfy shoes friendly for the environment.

The constant hit since five years or more. Simply a must. Perfect for a beach or a swimming pool, but now you can wear them in the city. Beach shoes are a summer staple.

Improve your vocabulary!

skimmers – balerinki
maxim – maksyma
simplicity – prostota
limb – kończyna
lace – sznurówka

What shall we do with… cold June? Such days just happen. Wind. Rain. Freezing air. What can you do? Look!

Don’t be blue – wear orange and violet. In such contrast the day becomes hot – and sunny! tons, orange T-shirt, and – simply – your favourite pair of jeans. Add a fashionable orange bag.

Skin-tight jeans are great for everybody. Here you wear them for a party – with a beautiful tunic, a long necklace and a funny silver bag. The tunic covers your hips if they are not perfect – that’s also great news!

Improve your vocabulary!

tunic – tunika
hips – biodra


The four jeans skirts are a good option for everybody who appreciates classics and wants to be trendy at the same time.

Perfect for everybody
The classic skirt if you don’t want to show off – but you are always trendy when you wear it. Great with sandals, skimmers, clogs. Simply perfect.

For flower-power funs
Looks like taken from an old wardrobe. Great with any T-shirt – either ascetic, or very colourful. Possibly etno style, with lots of wooden necklaces and large earrings. Sneakers or skimmers. Or light sandals to break the heaviness.

For classic lovers
This is a real classic. Don’t hesitate to wear it with a white shirt for a very classic look – or with a trendy T-shirt for contrast.


If you love T-shirts…
This season we have got a big come back of your favourite T-shirts! Not only have they to be in trendy colours: blue, pink and green but they should also have some signs, logos, pictures or imprints on them.

If you love HATS…
Take an example from Britney Spears. She just wanted to hide her bold head and so started using hats. Out of the blue her caps have become very trendy. They should be colourful with stripes or flowers on them.

If you love TRAINERS…
Observe carefully Avril Lavigne. She is wearing the trendiest trainers of this season. Forget about leather shoes. You should wear typical trainers like those wore by soldiers or grunge bands. It is better if they are in khaki colours. They may be short or have ankle or half-calf length.

If you love Jewellery…
Wear it but not something posh and expensive. The best would be made of wooden in yellow and brown colours. We are ethnic this season.