It may happen that during your holidays some people may need a detective help. Well, it could be quite interesting! Actually, you may help in such cases. Read stories about officer Andrew Magon and guess how he knows everything!

Story 1

In the morning on Wednesday dr Benjamin Swanson called officer Magon. He was very nervous:
– Officer Magon? – said dr Swanson – You must help me!
Officer Magon went to the train station. He wanted to take the earliest train at 8 o’clock. Other passengers told him that from previous day all trains come every two hours and the train that used to be at 8 o’clock now is at 9. So Magon had to wait. When he finally came to Swanson’s office at 10, he heard what had happened.
– Yesterday in the evening I was at the party in a MacDowel’s Villa. When I came back home everything was ok, I mean I didn’t hear anything. In the morning I discovered that all jewellery disappeared from the safe in my office!
– When did you see your jewellery for the last time?
– Yesterday at 7 pm before leaving to the party. I was taking necklace for my wife.
– Were there any signs of robbery?
– Actually – answered dr Swanson – the safe was damaged, but the door was closed. So robbers had to come in through the window because only my son Joseph and I have keys to the office.
Magon looked at the window. It was closed. Then he called Joseph:
– Where were you yesterday, sir? – asked Magon.
– Every week on Thursday I go to London to the cinema. And yesterday I was there, too.
– What time did you come back?
– Well I took the last train at 10 pm. I always take this train.
– Are you sure?
– Yes, I am sure. I even looked at my watch. It was 11 pm when I was leaving the train.
In one hour officer Magon arrested Joseph Swanson. Why?

Only dr Swanson and his son have keys to the office. Dr Swanson was at the party but his son wasn’t in London at all. The timetable of trains changed the day before so there was no train from London at 10 pm. Son had to steal the jewellery cause the window was closed.


Story 2

One day on a camping-site in Stown the police showed up. Police officer Andrew Magon came there to investigate who had stolen $1000 from Jeremy Onion’s, who’s Malcolm Heize’s brother-in-law, camp-van. Officer Magon was going to question every person that might know anything about this theft. He started from Malcolm Heize.
– Good morning, sir. – said officer Magon. – Do you know that someone has stolen money from your brother-in-law’s car?
– Oh my God! – Heize was surprised. – Who did it to poor Jeremy? How did it happen?
– Mr Heize, could you tell me how long have you been staying here in Stown?
– Oh, well! I came here on Wednesday with my sister Gloria and her husband Jeremy.
– So four of you are spending holiday together.
– No, no! On Thursday my second sister May and her husband John came to stay at a camping-site. So there are six of us.
– Mr Heize – said officer Magon – You’re under arrest, charged with the theft of $1000!
How did officer Magon know that Malcolm Heize had stolen the money?

Officer Magon didn’t say the name of the person that lost the money. He only said: „your brother-in-law”. And Malcolm Heize has at least two brothers-in-law: Jeremy and John. So how did Heize know that Jeremy was the victim? Only Magon, Jeremy and the thief knew that!


Well, you know how officer Magon does it. Now your turn:

Story 3

In a small town there are two families. The surname of the first one is Donkon and the second Blit. The Donkons always say truth and the Blits always lie. Read the text below and tell us: who is married to whom? What is their surname? How long have they been married? And How many children does each couple have?
Agnes: – I’m married to Charles. I have two more children than Dorothy.
Bobby: I have more than one child. I’ve been married for eight years.
Charles: I’ve been married for nine years. Bobby got married a year before I did. He’s got a son called Edward.
Dorothy: Agnes is a liar. She’ been married for longer than me. She has four children.

Donkons are Agnes and Charles; they have been married for nine years, and they have three children.
Bobby and Dorothy are Blit; they’ve been married for ten years and have one child.


Story 4

Five people are waiting to see the doctor in a holiday spa. They started to fight. They don’t know who is next to see the doctor. Will you help them? Whose turn is it to see dr Evans? Here are some tips:
There is a coach for four people in a waiting room. On one side of the coach is window and on the second a table with magazines. Sue came here ten minutes ago. See wanted to read magazines but somebody was sitting by the table. So she set two seats away. Mr Richard came here half an hour ago. When we came somebody was already there. Tom came here with his girlfriend Anna. She had a headache so she set on the coach. She wanted to sit by the window by this sit was already occupied. Tom and Jerry were surfing and now they have problems with ankles. So, who is next to see the doctor?

Now Jerry should go to the doctor!


Story 5

Your friend Monica lives now in the USA but her nationality is French. She is older than you. When she was 18 she finished high school and than she spent four years at university. She had a boyfriend Bob. He is three years older than Monica. She left him on the 25th of May and it was day after his 30th birthday. Since that day she has never seen Bob again. You also know that Monica got university degree eight years ago and she has lived in the USA since she left Bob. So, how long has Monica lived in New York? And how old is she?

She has been living in the USA for three years and she is 30 now.