It is so easy to fall in love during the summer holidays. You want to keep in contact after the holidays finish, but is it worth it? Are you sure you want to be with the person and that he/she wants to be with you?

1. We’re spending all our free time with each other.
2. When I don’t see him/her, I miss him/her so much.
3. He/She sends me messages that he/she misses me.
4. We like doing the same things (well, mostly).
5. I love giving him/her small presents all the time.
6. He/She gives me small presents all the time.
7. We can talk for hours.
8. We respect each other.
9. We don’t have other boy/girlfriends.
10. We would like to introduce each other to our friends.


10 – 8 YES
You are a beautiful couple. You are both happy with each other and you may be seriously in love. You don’t have secrets and you both dream about spending all your time together. It’s such a romantic summer for you! But the summer will soon be over? What will happen to you? You will exchange phone numbers – that’s for sure. You will write e-mails and talk on the phone for a long time after the holidays. You want to keep in touch and you will.
If you don’t live too far from each other, you will also meet during the school year. It sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? You may be a couple for a long time but if you decide to break up (because of the distance for example), it will be a decision of both of you. You have a great chance to form in a steady relationship (stały związek)!

7 – 5 YES
You are happy together and you like spending time with each other. When somebody looks at you, they know you are in love but nobody knows if it is anything serious. You don’t know either. You are not sure of your feelings and you have no idea what the other person wants. There are three ways for this relationship to go: 1. you will be together for a very long time; 2. you will be together a short time; 3. your romance will finish with the summer. If you hate being unsure of the future with this boy/girl, talk to him/her.

4 – 0 YES
You are definitely in love with this person! You have a great time together and you will remember each other for many years. If you meet during next year holidays, your feeling may come back or you may just be very good friends. Unfortunately, if you count on a steady relationship, you may be disappointed! You both have more important things to do at home than missing somebody who lives far away. You may write two or twenty messages after the holiday time but sooner or later you won’t be too interested in each other. You may feel sorry at the beginning and you will miss him/her for sure but on the other hand you know it’s good it’s just a summer love! It’s so beautiful to have such memories! You won’t be a couple but you will remember how you felt!