It is so difficult for you to learn something new and you quarrel without any reason.

You think you are Casanova and it terrorises everyone who’s near you. Don’t expect many invitations.

You are so immature! And you are always the smartest person in the world. You have to count on your closest friends otherwise… no fun.

You deceive people all the time. If you say you like somebody, the person can be sure you hate him/her. This summer somebody will discover your secret.

You always exaggerate at parties and you always want to be in the centre. Stop it!

If you want to talk to other Virgos for 15 minutes, go to every party you are invited to.

No sense of humour, no ambitions, no opinions. You’ll have many offers to go to parties only because you always do whatever the others say.

People like when you are at a party.

Don’t touch anything at a party!


You are really mad! People invite you to parties and later they notice that they made a good decision.

When you go to a party, you eat, eat, eat… Whatever it is. You are often invited but you never meet new people unless they are very patient.

You make people fight all the time although you don’t participate in those fights. So don’t be surprised that people won’t invite you this summer.