Our stories

DVD Manuals – story by Daniel
When little leaflets that we get when we were buying some trendy equipment changed into bulky books, I realised that there is no point in reading them. Pages full of technical details, we are not prepared to understand, and simplified graphs making us feel stupid, are not taking hold of my free time. Because of that, I only buy the equipment that I’m able to operate without going through the manual. To my amazement I sometimes mix some of the commands, I was supposed to key in, and I get a comedy recorded instead of a nice thriller with my new DVD. But there are times that I feel like watching a comedy. I’m not going to become a tech addict and a prisoner to instructions. And I don’t think I will ever ask my friends to help me with my DVD recorder. Maybe they would laugh at me or maybe, they have the same problem, and this is something I don’t really want to know about my friends.

Just another computer – story by Agnes
Everybody has a laptop, so do I. I got it from my parents for my birthday. Maybe because of that, I feel obliged to like it and use it. But to be honest, I preferred my old PC. Whenever it broke down I just unscrewed some bolts. Threw away the broken or useless part and inserted new one that made my computer more powerful. Now all I can do is to wait for my parents to buy me new laptop or use the one I already have as nothing more but a typewriter. I could take it to the service and have it upgraded, but it would cost my parents a fortune. That’s why I see no point in doing that. What is good in having a laptop is only the fact that you can really carry it around with you and use it any moment you need, of course if you’re not to afraid to take it out of the rucksack.

Clocks all around us – story by Anna
Today I woke up to a new time, the winter time. Like every year I started the day with changing the time on every clock at home. I began with my wrist watch, moved the hands easily with a knob. Than there was the alarm clock at my desk that wakes me up everyday, this is the one that should give the time properly as I hate to be late. It was also a piece of cake. Two buttons to press to change the digits. Next I went to the bathroom and changed the time on my shower clock. Nothing special, simple combination of four buttons and the clock started to work accurately. I was ready to move into the kitchen but decided to have breakfast instead. After some toasts with nice black coffee I wanted to change the time on my BOSCH cooker but mixed the combination of buttons with the one from the bathroom shower and my cooker was ready to start preparing lasagne that was not inside. So I just unplugged the thing and started from the beginning. After fifteen minutes of struggle the cooker gave the appropriate time. Not sure if I want to continue I moved to the microwave, but it showed up to be very cooperative machine. Twenty seconds and it was all over. I was feeling optimistic as I entered the living room ready to set the video and TV time but when I counted how many more clocks are there around me I simply gave up and decided to go out and have some time at the cinema. But what time is the film?

Improve your vocabulary!

leaflets – ulotki
bulky – grube
amazement – rozbawienie
key in – wklepać
feel like watching – mieć ochotę na oglądanie
addict – fan, entuzjasta czegoś
addicted – uzależniony
obliged to – zobligowany
break down – psuć się
unscrewed – odkręcać
threw away – wyrzucać
inserted – wkładać
typewriter – maszyndo pisania
upgraded – usprawniać
I see no point in doing that – nie ma sensu tego robić
take it out – wyjąć z…
knob – pokrętło, gałka
properly – dokładnie
accurately – poprawnie
struggle – zmagać się, walka
give up – poddać się