Teenagers about holiday

Marta: People usually choose some exotic destinations, but I’ve always dreamt about a very special holiday here, in Poland. I love the seaside and my dream is to walk on the beach – starting in the West and finishing in the East. I would start from the island of Wolin, and then go East. I think I would stay a few days in Łeba on the way East because it is my fauvourite place. I love the dunes! I think I could walk about 20 kilometres every day. I would sleep in a tent. I simply love walking on the beach, so it would be perfect. My destination will be Hel, and when I am already there, I would stay for a week or so. I am only worried about the weather – you never know in Poland! Also, I think you must go with a good friend – or a boyfriend. My best friend is rather lazy, she would never go on such a trip, so I am waiting for somebody to go with me!!!!

Tomek: I’m fascinated with Mexico. There are so many attractions there that it would be impossible to see everything. I’m dreaming about a journey in a famous Chihuahua train – it is said to be the most beautiful train route in the world. Also I would love to jump from the 45-metre cliff in Acapulco bay and seeing pre-columbian pyramids. You can also try diving in Mexico – there are lots of interesting, colourful fish and plants. What interests me most is the culture, handcraft and paintings. Mexico is very colourful and special. I learn Spanish, too, so I could communicate with people. The only problem is that the plane tickets are very expensive, but I don’t think it is expensive when you are already there.

Ania: I love art and I am dreaming about a holiday in France. I would love to see the best museums in Paris: Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, Musee Picasso, but also museums in Lyon and Lille. Then I would go to Provance to see the fields of lavender. I would love to stay there for a few days and paint. Of course it would be good to find some organized course because I don’t think I would really like to go alone.

Maciek: I loke windsurfing and I have learnt it in Poland, on Hel. But if I had money I would go surfing abroad: for example to Rhodes. It’s surfers’ paradise: on Prasonissi two oceans meet and there are different coditions on the two sides: the sea is milder on one side and rough on the other side. I would love to go there, also because I have been to Greece already and I like the food and culture. However, I have never visited any Greek islands, so I would love to go.

Lucyna: My boyfriend told me about the trip they did with his friend, and since he told me, I have been dreaming about copying his idea. They went to Spain by train and visited the whole country using the Inter-rail ticket. I would like to go to Spain and Portugal. It is great because you can choose night trains and then you don’t pay for accomodation. You can be in a different place everyday, and when you like some place, you can stay for a few days. My dreams is not to make any specific, strict plans, but reshape them according to what happens. In Spain I’d like to see Barcelona because I love the architecture of Gaudi, Madrid because there are good museums there, then Granada because of Alhambra. In Portugal I would go to Porto and Lisbon, but I would also like to spend some time in the southern part of Portugal, at the seaside. I’m trying to convince my boyfriend to go with me!

Wojtek: I don’t think I am very original in where I would like to go, because many people choose South America. I’d like to go to Chile. It’s a very special country because of the diversity of the climate. It is very small, but extremely long – over 4000 kilometres! In the North there is the Atakama desert – the driest place on Earth. There are places on the desert which have never been touched with rain! The Andes go through the whole country, being a natural border between Chile and Argentina. In the southern part of Chile there are huge lakes and volcanos, and then, there are glaciers. The most southern areas are very close to the Antarctic. I would be perfect to see all parts of the country, but I would definitely have to go by plane, because the distances are huge there.

Monika: I would like to go to Santiago de Compostella in Spain. It is a pilgrimage. The route is in the North of Spain, starts close to the French border, I think, but you can start in any place. Lot’s of people go there every year. I’ve heard that if you register as a pilgrim, you can have free accomodation on the way – or it is very cheap. That’s a good opportunity to see interesting places, and also you have to walk much so I would lose weight. And you can meet lots of interesting people from various countries.

Krzysztof: I think people do not appreciate Poland. I can’t imagine better holidays than in Poland. I love the mountains. In the past I often went to the Tatra mountains, but now I prefer more peaceful destinations, like the Beskid mountains. There are still little villages there and old churches. It is nice that you can spend time in the mountains without crowds of people, with nature around that has not been spoilt yet.

Julia: Perhaps it is funny, but I dream about going to Australia and seeing kangaroos and other strange animals – like platypus for example. I think people in Australia enjoy their free time and are often joyful and happy. There is something positive in the country and its citizens. I also like surfing and lying on the beach – so it is a perfect place for me!

Olaf: Well, the problem is that I would like to go to Africa, but I think it is stupid, because when you go there as a tourist you can’t see the most interesting aspects of the culture, you are always a stranger. I have read a lot about Africa but it was written by real travellers, people who spent there sometimes months or years and were able to go into the land. I don’t want to be a stupid tourist who doesn’t notice the fact that he can get only the surface, and there are things he will never have access to.