Piece of advice

The lack of cash is something we all know. Here are some interesting suggestions on how earn yourself some extra money…

The idea came to me when I was on holiday. I saw a guy with funny writing on his T-shirt and thought to myself, how nice would it be to have the
T-shirt. Then this brilliant idea appeared in my head. I could use special copier paper to print myself T-shirts. From that time, the T-shirt slowly became a way of earning me some cash. I’m not saying I’m loaded but it’s always something.
The T-shirt starts with a joke or intriguing picture, which I print out. Next I just iron the print onto the
T-shirt and it’s ready to be worn.

I had my ears pierced just a few months ago. It was quite new to me to choose earrings for my ears. Quickly enough I noticed that it is difficult to find something that I really liked and it wasn’t a rip off. I browsed the net. I found out that I can cheaply buy some stones and silver to make the earrings by myself. Additionally, they would be the ones I‘ve always wanted to have. And this is how it has started. My friends noticed that I‘m wearing something unusual and started ordering earrings and bracelets from me. It’s a nice feeling to see your piece work admired and also worn by others.

I like my computer. I spend most of my free time in front of computer screen. I hope my future work will be connected with working with computers constantly. I love graphic programmes, I can wait few hours for rendering to finish. That is probably why I started giving my graphics as birthday presents to my friends. It saved the time and gave opportunity to work with new ides. My friends really liked them and sometimes asked for some other graphics. With time it became a way of earning some extra cash.

While surfing the Net I found out that more and more people tend to buy cards for all sorts of occasions. That’s why me and my friend have decided to start a “company”, as we both like painting and drawing very much. We spend time preparing cards for all kinds of bank holidays, namesdays, and birthdays. Our first customers were classmates, when we showed them the cards prepared for Christmas. The cards we make are very colourful, sometimes funny, but you won’t find two the same. We use different shapes and materials, especially for the hottest period in the year – Valentine’s Day. It is understandable that we have to pay more attention to every single card, because everybody wants to feel special that day. We do not earn much and so far most of money we invest in tools and quality paper.

Private lessons
I have always wanted to be a teacher so when my chance came I didn’t hesitate. I’m good at English and I am very keen on History. That’s why when my mother told me that my younger cousin needs some repetition at these subjects I decided to give it a try. It turned out that I can explain English grammar in a comprehensible way. Yet I had some problems with teaching history, as I wanted to tell my cousin too many details, facts and dates. But after I had held my horses and started to be more general, she quickly caught the difference between Greek and Roman civilisation. I have three students now, because my cousin started bringing her friends so my room looks like regular school class on Saturday mornings. Although, I earn pocket money, it gives me a great pleasure watching my pupils have real fun while studying with me.

Improve your vocabulary!

intrigue – intrygować
browse – przeglądać, wertować
earring – kolczykk
render – odtwarzać, interpretować
understandable – zrozumiały