“The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown
This is how a mystery thriller should be written. You will find everything you want to expect in this book. The characters are not cliché but very realistic. The plot is complicated but logical enough to have fun from resolving it. There is an appropriate amount of suspension of disbelief, facts and important information are given in right moments, to flame our curiosity. What’s more, Dan Brown provides a protagonist whose skin we can comfortably inhabit, a mystery that challenges our intelligence, and enough believable twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages. Better forget all the controversies that have recently arisen around “The Da Vinci Code” and just read the book!

“Fast food nation” directed by Richard Linklater
The idea underlying “Fast Food Nation “ is intriguing: director Richard Linklater took the promise of the best-selling non-fiction book by Eric Schlosser. Although the narration is poor, the most interesting elements of film are when it offers insight into the fast food process from slaughterhouse to Styrofoam container. The story touches on the lives of various individuals who interact with the fast food system at different stages of the chain. Don Henderson (Greg Kinnear) is the marketing expert at Mickey’s fast food restaurant. When traces of fecal matter appear in burger meat, he travels to Cody, Colorado to investigate the meat packing plant. And that is how the story of a dirty business, where the effort of worker is backbreaking and carelessness leads to life-threatening accidents, starts. Watch before you eat your burger!

“Happy feet” directed by George Miller
This is a sweet cartoon story about one cut little penguin who can not sing, thus he can not attract any mates, but he is a wonderful tap dancer. Who would have thought that the director of the violent revenge flick “Mad Max” would go on to create some of the most charming children’s films since Walt Disney? After co-writing and producing the delightful “Babe” and directing its equally inventive sequel, an Australian filmmaker George Miller has entered the world of computer animation with his latest fantasy, the odd but endearing musical “Happy Feet”. Although the film lacks Babe’s emotional depth and might not appeal to older viewers in the same way, its vibrant digital images and overall good cheer are enough to recommend it.

“International Poster” in Poster museum at Wilanów Biennale in Warsaw
The first Biennale of the world was held in 1966. The idea of periodic international review achievements in the field of poster art was first proposed by Polish graphic designers in the beginning of sixties. The man who inspired the project and was its first organizer was Professor Józef Mroszczak. Since 1994 the Poster Museum at Wilanów has been a regular base of Biennale and competitive exhibition. Presently the Museum boasts one of the largest collections of art posters in the world, consisting of over 55,000 items. The collection of Polish posters of 1892–2000 contains about 30,000 items and is the most complete set of works in the world considered to be a canon in this area of artistic activity. The collection of foreign posters, which has emerged mostly due to grants from the Warsaw Biennale and gifts from artists from world over, is also considered to be one of the finest collections of world art posters.

Improve your vocabulary!

review – recenzja
mystery – tajemnica
resolve – rozwiązać
suspension – zawieszenie
disbelief – niedowierzanie
curiosity – ciekawość
converted – zamieniony
insight – wgląd, wejrzenie
slaughterhouse – rzeźnia
inventive – pomysłowy
odd – dziwny
endearing – ujmujący
delightful – zachwycający
lacks – cierpi na brak
appeal – urok, powab
emerged – pojawić się