Perhaps you’d like to take up a sport but you are not really sure which sport you’d like. We can’t tell you anything about which of your muscles are better developed, but sport is also psychology. Check which type of sport is best for your personality.

1. How do you typically spend a Saturday evening?
a) I stay at home and read a book.
b) I go for a walk in the forest or park.
c) I go to a party or club.

2. What is your favourite colour?
a) Red, silver or black.
b) Light blue, white or grey.
c) Green, turquise or brown.

3. What is the present you are dreaming about?
a) A hundred books or films you would choose.
b) A crazy weekend on Hawaian island.
c) A fast car.

4. If you inherited lots of money, what would you do?
a) I would buy a nice flat in the suburbs and live on the interests.
b) I would invest in my own business.
c) I would spend it on a big trip with my friends or family.

5. Which is your favourite film?
a) “Dead Poets Society”
b) “Forest Gump”
c) “Pulp Fiction”

6. Your friend has ser­ious problems with English at school. What do you do?
a) I tell him I can teach him, although my English is not very good either.
b) I remember that some­body at a ski camp told me about a good private teacher, so I call this person and then I recommend the teacher to my friend.
c) If he needs help, he will ask me for it.

7. What do you usually wear?
a) I wear what everybody wears: jeans (Wrangler, Lee etc.) and a fashion­able T-shirt.
b) Some really crazy clothes from second-hands or beautiful and expensive clothes of best quality.
c) I don’t care, clothes aren’t important, it is important what you have inside.

8. Are you sociable?
a) Yes, I’ve got lots of friends.
b) I’ve got a few close friends.
c) I’ve got one good friend.


Improve your vocabulary!

inherite – odziedziczyć
suburbs – przedmieścia
mountaineering – wspinacz­ka wysoko­górska
scuba diving – nurkowanie z aparatem tlenowym
self-esteem – poczucie własnej wartości
wrestling – zapasy

Now count how many squares of different colour you have – and read the result!

Most a)
You are a typical lonely runner. Look for a sport in which you have to fight with your own limits and train hard. This must be an individual sport in which the most important thing is intensive training and hard work. You are extremely ambitious and you love setting and breaking records. The best sports for you: running, swimming, cycling.

Most b)
You love nature and you feel good only outside. The sport for you must be an outdoor sport. You don’t need records, but you want to have fun and experience the feeling of freedom. You also like contact with animals. The best sports for you: mountaineering, yachting, horse-riding.

Most c)
You are sociable and outgoing and you simply love people! You simply love being in a team, so for you all team sports are the best choice. The feeling of togetherness is what you look for and if you win, you prefer to share it with your friends. The best sports for you: football, basketball, volley­ball, ice hockey.