The reason of their break-up is… “Superman”
Kate Bosworth, who has recently split up with her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, believes that the reason of their break-up is “Superman”. Kate starred Lois Lane in this movie based on the popular series but she has never believed in the spell that is said to be put on people playing in the movie. Now she has changed her mind and she blames the “Superman” with her break-up with Orlando.

A mother of two
Marcia Cross, well-known actress for her role of Bree in “Desperate housewives” is going to be a mother… of two! She and her husband Tom Mahoney have recently announced to be pregnant but, as US “Weekly rumors”, it is not going to be one baby but twins! Is it true we will find out in April next year? Keep your fingers crossed for the desperate babies!

Peaceful divorce
Matt LeBlanc, known from the “Friends” serial, has recently divorced his wife, Melissa McKnight. The divorce went very peacefully; the couple did not even hire solicitors, as they were both willing to reach the agreement in the court. As they have a two-year old daughter, both parents decided to share the parental rights. Additionally, Matt offered to pay his wife 15 thousands dollars per month.

A new house in London
A young star, Lindsay Lohan, has decided to buy a house in Notting Hill, London, because she keeps spending a lot of time there with her boyfriend, Harry Morton.
– I have been looking for a house in Notting Hill, with Harry, for we really love this place and I think we really suit here – says Lindsay.

She is going to get married!
Daria Widawska, an actress known for “Magda M.” series, is going to get married! She has been going out with her boyfriend, photographer Michał Jarosiński, for three years now and they have been engaged for two. Daria, who plays a sad and single main character’s best friend, is very happy with her private life and says that she does not have to hurry with the wedding.

A really good match
A fashion designer, Stella McCartney and an actress, Gwyneth Paltrow are trying to match make their parents. Both women are best friends and have decided that their parents, who are almost the same age (Paul McCartney is 64 and Blythe Danner is 63) could be a really good match. What’s more, both of the parents have survived the death of their beloved who had died of the cancer.
Gibson = a father-in-law
Mel Gibson has become a father-in-law! His oldest child of seven, Hannah, got married a few weeks ago to a guitar player. The wedding took place in the Gibson’s private church that is located on actor’s plot. Mel is a devoted Catholics so the best and only place his daughter could have wedding was his own church!

Improve your vocabulary!

rumor – plotka
blame – wina
keep fingers cross – trzymać kciuki
solicitor – adwokat
beloved – ukochany
willing – chętny
devoted – oddany, poświęcony czemuś