She loves surfing
Gwyneth Paltrow has recently taken up surfing. She was seen practicing with her board and she was doing pretty well! At the beginning her husband was helping her but then she tried to surf on her own and she succeeded. She is much better than Cameron Diaz who ended up her surfing lessons with a broken nose!

Katie is going to marry Tom at last
Katie Holmes, known from “Batman – beginnings”, wants to be ready when she marries her husband to be – Tom Cruise. So she has decided to find out more about scientology, as Cruise is an important member of this sect. Happy for his ambitious fianceé Tom provided her with a scientology teacher who looks after Katie.

Angelina is a pilot!
Angelina Jolie, famous for her scandals actress and an Oscar winner, can finally travel to Africa on her own! She has already become a licensed pilot so she can use her private plane whenever she wants to.
– Now I can travel to Africa with food or help every time I can – said the happy actress, a mother of three.

I want to be an actress
Another model wants to become an actress. Marysia Góralczyk, whose biggest achievement was a role in a commercial, feels she has a drama talent. So now she spends hours trying to remember her part.
– I keep reading scripts to differ these good ones from those bad, but I find it difficult to learn all this stuff by heart – says Marysia.

David Craig as James Bond?
David Craig, who is going to be the new James Bond in the Bond movie “Casino Royal”, admits that he had to go through a real survival camp while preparing for his role.
– I had to learn how to use the gun properly, drink martini and be very charming and self-confident – he says.
During one of the scenes he tried to act so real that he lost one of his front teeth.

Play a good role
Rene Zellweger is one of those actresses who know how hard it is to play a good role. She spent six months preparing for Bridget Jones role in a comedy “Bridget Jones Diary”. First she took up pronunciation lessons to learn British accent. Then she worked in a publishing house, as her character works in such institution. We can admire the effect in the movie.

Improve your vocabulary!

end up – skończyć jakoś
scientology – scjentologia
sect – sekta
fianceé – narzeczona?
differ – różnić się
survival camp – obóz przetrwania
self-confident – pewny siebie