Dear Diary,

Today I am going to our family pet’s white wedding, meaning my sister Anna. I predict it will be a disaster. Anna, who is an apple of my father eye, has been preparing it for ages. She has worked her hands to the bones making sure everything is going to be perfect. I do not want to be a black sheep so since morning I have been pretending that I am happy and supportive but I have got this feeling that it is going to be a bitter moon.

My mother is calm and glad, because, as she says, it is not marriage of convenience but marriage of love and they are both a good match. My sister’s fiancé gave her a real love token last week – he bought her a car she had been dreaming of. But I suspect that all these little gifts are just to shut our eyes on his blessed singleness. After all, he popped the question after 7 years of going out with my sister! Luckily she is the one who is going to wear trousers in the house, opposite to my cousin who is a real kitchen slave! Actually I am a bit afraid, that poor Peter will get under her thumb, as he is not a very decisive guy.

My father is very relaxed today because he is giving his daughter away to a decent man, as he keeps saying. Well, Peter has to be decent, he definitely is not marrying money. He earns a lot so my sister can have a life of a wealthy housewife, if she wants to. He breathed with relief the day Anna told them about engagement. He had been living with a fear that Anna will stay a spinster and will never start a bridal pair. He can not wait the moment when he will walk down the aisle with her. I would like the wedding to be finished! Let them get hitched and go on this sweet to sick honey moon.

I am not planning to get married. The last thing I want is to live with my lord and master who will want me to fulfill my marital duties. I am not a person who would like to take marital responsibilities to heart. If I met somebody I will shack up with him to the rest of my days!

family pet’s – ulubieniec rodziny
white wedding – ślub kościelny
an apple of my father eye – oczko w głowie taty
worked her hands to the bones – harować jak wół
a black sheep – czarna owca w rodzinie
a bitter moon – gorzkie gody
marriage of convenience – małżeństwo z rozsądku
marriage of love – małżeństwo z miłości
good match – dobrana para
love token – dowód miłości
blessed singleness – błogosławiony stan kawalerski
popped the question – oświadczyć się
wear trousers in the house – rządzić w domu
kitchen slave – kura domowa
get under her thumb – wpaść pod pantofel
giving his daughter away – wydać córkę za mąż
marrying money – ożenić się dla pieniędzy
bridal pair – stadło małżeńskie
walk down the aisle – iść do ołtarza
get hitched – pobrać się, ochajtać się
lord and master – pan i władca
marital duties – obowiązki małżeńskie
take marital responsibilities to heart – wziąć sobie obowiązki małżeńskie do serca
shack up with – żyć na kocią łapę