Trendy and posh places, either you love or hate them.

What is the truth about them?

Spending evening out in the city centre is a dread for some and simply good time for others. Why is it so? Some of us feel great basking in the lights of downtown restaurants and cafés; others prefer to stay in comfy armchairs in front of their TVs.
Visiting downtown is a joyful trip to the core of fashion and gizmos heaven. Checking and comparing our looks with other people seems to be crucial in our existence. Establishing our status among better part of the society by boasting our brand new trainers, handmade earrings or designer bag has become quite important part of our lives.
Exploring what’s fresh and in and avoiding what’s out sometimes means agreeing to spend time in the trendy places, where unfortunately, only few of us feel comfortable. The majority feels like fish out of water.

You don’t have to have any money to go to a town square. The difficult thing, when you actually are there, is to find something interesting to do apart from staring at passers by and gossiping. What is more, you have to know which piazza is currently the most trendy to appear at, and that is not always easy.

Malls are all around us so finding one is very easy. You just have to find the one that was the most recently opened and you can be sure that this one is the trendiest. The thing about them is that you go there to do shopping. However, it’s not just one – item – shopping but at least few bags of well known, meaning expensive, brands shopping. That allows strolling around with abundance of labels all around you later.
You should also be well informed, what and where to buy cheaply, and where to buy more unique objects of desire. Only to inform your friends about it, while sipping coffee in a nearby coffee house.

Coffee houses
Coffee served there is delicious and cheap. You are being served quickly and with a smile. You can sit comfortably and relax. Most of the coffee houses are hot spots… so you can show off with your apple.
They are everywhere, spreading across the world like viruses, infecting cultures with their formula of what a coffee shop should be. The vast majority of the coffee sold there is grown using underpaid third world labour. The crap, not coffee, they sell is incredibly unhealthy sometimes even worse than McDonald’s.

After you did the shopping and had your coffee you are ready to hit the streets. It’s easy to find the trendiest one. When you notice that all of the passers by wear shades you can be sure that you are in the right street. The other way to find a trendy street is just following the scents of posh perfumes.
Why do we force ourselves to visit those places? We simply love them, because we are posh or we would like to belong to a group.

Trends in Warsaw
Coffee houses: Mercer’s, Cava, Coffee Heaven.
Streets: Chmielna, Nowy Świat, Racławicka, Mazowiecka, Sienkiewicza
Malls: Złote Tarasy, Arkadia, Galeria Mokotów
Squares: piazza in front of Złote Tarasy, Plac Trzech Krzyży, Rotunda