What about the weather?

E-mail to: Laura

Hi Laura,
I am writing to ask you about your preparations for Christmas. I am so happy that you and your parents are going to spend these holidays with us. I am sure we will have a great time this year. Have you all already packed?
You have asked me recently about the weather conditions this time in the mountains. I have decided to check the ­weather forecast for you so you can get better prepared and pack what is necessary. Look what I have found on the Internet: “An assessment of new data at the Met Office has shown that this coming winter is most likely to be average or warmer-than-average across Poland, with snowfall levels also at average or above-average levels through the months of December and through February.” Language is complicated but it means generally that winter this year will not be as terrible as it was last time. It will not be that cold and icy and dangerous in mountains as it was previous year. According to the scientists from Met Office Christmas Eve will be mainly dry and sunny but there will be some snow in the south, and that means mountains! So better do not forget to take your skis! It is also said that there will be strong winds from the ­south-west later on that day. Luckily we do not have to worry about it as we usually choose slopes which are surrounded by trees and forests so I do not think that these winds will disturb us much. On the other hand, you should consider taking goggles and a rich moisturizing cream as such winds may make your skin dry and ­itchy. According to the forecast on Christmas Day the weather will be sunny too but it will be colder, as the temperature will drop down more than 10 degrees at night. We will probably wake up with the frost on the windows and it will be freezing in the morning! That’s why you should take additional sweater or pullover with you and maybe a few pairs of woollen socks.
In the second part of the Christmas Day the weather will change a bit. There will be clouds and there also may be ­a snowstorm in the evening! I think we will take it into account and stay at the hotel drinking hot tea and eating Christmas pudding… On Boxing Day morning there may be some snowfalls but the sky will ­clear up till afternoon and we will have sunny but cold weather for the next two days! I am only a bit worried about the end of the week. According to the weather forecast on Friday the weather will get warmer and if there is going to be any snow it will quickly turn into rain! The snow will melt and we will witness the thaw in the middle of the winter! I am ­devastated!
Fortunately, I have found another forecast prepared by another group of meteorologists. They say that Christmas in mountains this year will be cold and windy with a lot of snow. Every day will end up with strong storms which may lead even to avalanches! I really do not know what is worse: to see green grass in winter or to die under the enormous amount of snow!
What do you think? I cannot wait to see you and f­inally start our mountain adventure!

weather forecast – prognoza pogody
assessment – ocena, oszacowanie
average – średnia, przeciętna
snowfall – opad śniegu
levels – poziom
icy – lodowaty
dry – suchy
sunny – słoneczny
skis – narty
strong winds – silne wiatry
consider – rozważać
itchy – swędzący
drop down – spadać
frost – mróz, szron
freezing – lodowaty, bardzo zimno
snowstorm – śnieżyca, burza śnieżna
clear up – przejaśniać się
skiing – narciarstwo
get warmer – ocieplać się
witness – doświadczyć
thaw – odwilż, rozmrażać
avalanche – lawina