Now ask your partner or friend about his/her favourite colour and check for the perfect match!

For example:

  • [S] – There is or there will be perfect love between you. You attract each other and even after two years together you still feel butterflies in your stomach… We all envy you…
  • [H] – The hand means help and you can help each other a lot: give advice, inspire or even lend money.
  • [K] – You are, or you can be great friends. You have similar interests and life-style. You love spending time together, laughing and gossipping. You are never bored when you are together!
  • [R] – This is a relation of hatred: you are probably enemies. But remember that it is not far from hatred to love: your relationship can potentially change into something completely different…
  • [D] – Parties and holidays: this is when you feel good together. But in everyday life you might not know what to talk about…
  • [CH] – You could be great friends or have a good, long-lasting relationship, but there are always obstacles on your way to happiness. Hopefully you will overcome them!
  • [L] – If this combination is with your mother or brother – that’s good! You get on really well! But if the symbols of you and your boyfriend cross in this way, this might mean you need to refresh your relationship and put some more passion into it.
  • [P] – You can give each other inspiration and you can work together in a very cretaive way. It seems that together you have lots of ideas and you fulfill them easily!