Teenagers about school

Ania, 19
What I like about my school are the teachers. For example, my History teacher always tells us very interes­ting things about Poland and the world, it makes all the stuff easy to remember. Even the dates and places of the battles we have to learn by heart seem trouble – free and useful. Also Maths teacher explains all the difficult mathematical patterns to us in the way we understand it. One unpleasant thing about him though is that he loves giving us unexpected quizzes. This is very stressful but helpful too, knowing this we are always prepared and it is easier to learn for the later tests.

Robert, 18
I find my school very friendly. Tea­chers are nice and understanding, we can always talk to them about our problems and they never give us bad marks from tests if we are willing to improve them. But it would be nicer if the school was bigger and cleaner. The smell from the toilets almost kills you when you enter, as the school building is very old. And you are not advised to drink tap water if you do not want to have stomach-ache.
There is one person in school I really detest. It is our chef. He always gives us the worst food ever! And do not even try to ask for a second helping. Not only will he refuse, but even start shouting at you!

Peter, 17
I hate everything about my school: teachers, lessons, breaks and the school shop! To start with: tea­chers are boring. For example, Biology teacher keeps telling us things we already know from the middle school. And whenever I ask her a question about something, she is always saying she needs to check this up! My English teacher is no better. He is always absent, and when he is not, he is late. It is hard to believe but after two months of studying I have already had three full lessons! And because most of the teachers are late for their lessons, they prolong them, so you may forget about breaks. There is no time for having a sandwich! But the biggest pain in the ass is the school shop assistant. She is never there to sell us something, busy with her cleaning staff friends!

Aga, 18
My school is great. We have a spacious gym so everyone can use it. The canteen is cosy and our chef always serves us the best soups ever. I love going to the school library, because I can get there all the contemporary literature I want. My favourite teacher is Mr. Smith who teaches Chemistry and Physics. Although, the patterns are difficult to remember and the experiments in the laboratory a bit risky, the lessons are fascinating. I feel like I am being taught by Einstein! The only problem I find is the lack of the real bathroom, with showers. When we sometimes leave the gym we are so wet, that taking the shower is all that we need.

Chris, 18
School is awful! Lessons are boring and the teachers behave like they are from a different planet. Our Geography teacher keeps giving us quizzes. Our Polish teacher expects us to learn poems by heart. And they love giving us a lot of homework. The only sensible guy is IT (Information Technology) teacher. He tells us how to search for interesting things on the Internet and how to create the programmes. The biggest horror is Physical Education. We have to wear gay like t-shirts and shorts and we can play football on Fridays only! By the way the cloak room is awful too!

Improve your vocabulary!

And that’s what I like about you. – I to jest też to, co lubię w tobie.
learn by heart – uczyć się na pamięć
will – wola, chęć, życzyć sobie
detest – nie znosić, nie cierpieć
chef – szef kuchni
shout – krzyk; krzyczeć
prolong – przedłużać
pain in the ass – ktoś upierd­liwy
spacious – przestronny
cosy – wygodny, przytulny
contemporary – współczesny
cloak room – szatnia
suck – śmierdzieć
School subjects
History – historia
Maths, Mathematics – matematyka
Biology – biologia
English – angielski
Chemistry – chemia
Physics – fizyka
Geography – geografia
Polish – polski
Physical Education – WF
Information Technology – informatyka