This little quiz that you have in front of you has been based on the traditional test proposed by Anne Moir and David Jessel.
Are you ready to check whether your brain is feminine, masculine or perhaps both? Go!

1. You are alone at home. Suddenly you hear a cat miaowing. How well can you localize the cat?
a) After thinking for a while, I can say where the cat is.
b) I can do it immediately.
c) I might have problems to localize the cat.

2. You hear a new song on the radio. Can you sing it after a while?
a) Yes, it is easy.
b) I can do it when the song has a nice melody or is rhythmical enough.
c) It is difficult for me to do it.

3. You are in a new school. After a few days a new friend calls you. Do you recognize his voice?
a) Yes, I recognize him immediately.
b) Well, it depends, but sometimes I can recognize the person.
c) I will probably have problems to recognize his voice.

4. You are on a party and there are boys and girls. Do you often notice who is attracted to whom?
a) Yes, I always notice that.
b) I can notice that when people show it.
c) No, I rarely or never notice that.

5. You are on a party and you meet five new people. Then next day somebody asks you whether these people were at the party. Is it easy for you to associate the names with their faces?
a) Yes, I can always easily remember the face when somebody tells me the name.
b) I might remember some faces, but not all of them.
c) I rarely or never remember their faces.

6. Is spelling and writing essays easy for you?
a) Yes, both.
b) Yes, but only one of the two.
c) No, they are both difficult.

7. Can you show where the north is?
a) I don’t think so.
b) Well, if I think for a while, perhaps…
c) Of course!

8. You ride a bike in a forest and suddenly you notice that to cross a river you must ride on a narrow piece of wood.
a) You turn back.
b) You take the bike and go over the river.
c) You ride on the piece of wood.

9. The teacher explains you homework. How close can she sit near you so that you feel comfortable?
a) Less than 15 centimeters.
b) From 15 to 60 centimeters.
c) Over 60 centimeters.

10. You visit your aunt and some water is dripping from the tap.
a) You notice and try to ignore.
b) You notice and tell your aunt about it.
c) You don’t notice that.

Now count your points

If you are a woman:
a – 15
b – 5
c – -5

If you are a man:
a – 10
b – 5
c – -5

Most men have between 0 and 60 points.
Most women: between 50 and 100 points.
If you have fewer points than 0 (e.g. –30), your brain is extremely masculine. If over 100 – extremely feminine.
If you have about 50–60 points, your brain is more balanced.

Improve your vocabulary!

brain – mózg
feminine – kobiecy
masculine – męski
immediately – natychmiast
recognize – rozpoznać
associate – kojarzyć
drip – cieknąć
tap – kran
man, men – mężczyzna,
woman, women – kobieta, kobiety