What kind of holiday would be the best for you? Do our quiz and you will find your answer for the eternal question: where to go this summer?

1. When thinking of vacation, what is the first thing that crosses your mind?
A. Suntan cream
B. A snorkel
C. A guidebook

2. Your favourite “holiday” movie is:
A. a comedy or a romantic comedy
B. “Indiana Jones” series and all the comics adaptations.
C. Bollywood movies

3. If you were an animal, what it would be?
A. A cat
B. A dog
C. A bird

4. The best city for holidays is:
A. Egypt
B. New York
C. Paris

5. The best place to relax is:
A. sand on the beach
B. under the water or in a forest
C. in a museum or a gallery

6. Water for you means:
A. warm sea or a lake, me in the boat or learning to surf
B. equipment for scuba diving
C. a cruise towards China, following Marco Polo tracks

7. When in Rome…
A. do what the Romans do: look for a nice café and search for trendy shops
B. check if it’s true what they say about “Di Trevi Fountain”
C. definitely Pantheon and Coliseum and Spanish Stairs!

Improve your vocabulary!

eternal – niezmienny
snorkel – fajka do nurkowania

Most A
The answer is easy: you are a beach type. Sun, sand and warm water is all you need to be happy and to relax the way you like. You do not mind some of the summer sport activities, and even a trip to an interesting place from time to time but these can not distract you from your favourite activity – doing nothing on the beach in August!

Most B
Adventure is your second name! No matter where but it must be somewhere exciting! The best option would be a jungle in the middle of Africa, diving course in Mexico or even paintball on safari. You like to be always on a move, so everything from rock climbing to paragliding will suit you as long as you do not get bored.

Most C
Educational holidays. You are a so called intellectual type, and that’s why the best vacation for you there will be sightseeing new places. They can be of historical interest, they can be the Old Town of Budapest but the more you learn from them the more you like it!