What kind of friends should you look for? Choose A, B or C and find out!

1. You find a wallet (portfel) with documents inside.
A. I call the person and tell him/her about the wallet.
B. I take what’s inside and throw the wallet away.
C. I go to the flat of the owner to give it back.

2. Your parents organize a party but you are very tired.
A. I keep smiling. They should have fun as well.
B. I tell them how horrible they are and go to my room.
C. I wait until my parents are busy and run away for an hour or two.

3. At summer camp there is a contest (konkurs) that you don’t want to take part in.
A. I take part in it anyway. It may be fun.
B. I get really angry if they try to make me.
C. I take part but I do everything to make them beg (błagać) me to stop.

4. You meet a new boy/girl who invites you for a date but… you don’t like him/her.
A. I say OK but only as friends.
B. I tell him/her I don’t like him/her.
C. If the person’s nice, I may think. I like new adventures.



A – Sweet type
You are such a nice person! Most people like you! You love sweets. A box of chocolates, a cake or just a lollipop is the best present for you. You love the seaside. You can relax at the beach, read books and do crosswords. Look for friends who are sweet-types as well. You’ll understand each other perfectly!

B – Bitter type
Not many people like you. You rarely smile and your sense of humour is strange. You don’t like people, you prefer to be alone. You’d love holidays somewhere in a deep forest where you’d see nobody for weeks. If you find a sweet-type friend, he/she will cheer you up and show you how beautiful the life can be.

C – Spicy type
You’re always the heart and soul of the party. Your ideas are very spicy (read: dangerous)! It makes your parents go crazy! You love adventures and trouble. A sweet-type as a friend is too… sweet for you. Bitter-type is too bitter and negative. Your best friend would be a hot-type just as you are but you’re a walking time-bomb