When I’m old and wealthy enough I would like to live in a real mountain chalet in the Polish mountains. I would love to wake up to the subtle silence of mornings, go outside the chalet and admire the beautiful scenery. There is no better way of enjoying mountains than trekking or climbing, and I just love those. Setting out on a trek early in the morning is fantastic. However, I would like to have there all the facilities I have at home now, including running hot and cold water, bathroom with a bath and a toilet. I would like to have a kitchen with a cooker, and a living room with a fireplace there. I also cannot imagine life without the internet and cable TV.

Security first

You never know where you will find your home because it all depends from the job opportunities you have. Personally, I think that there is no better place to live in than in a security guided block of flats. It doesn’t matter where it is, in a small quiet town or a bustling city, the midlands or the lowlands, as long as my family and possessions are taken care of even when I sleep. Security cameras, gates, guards and porter are the necessities I would definitely need.


I can’t imagine living far away from water. When I think of it, river would suit me best. I really enjoy waking up early in the morning and going fishing. Not very fast-moving and not too wide river, with not very steep banks, set in a lovely valley is my dreams come true. I would not only go fishing there. I could take my family for picnics and spend some fantastic time on a beach by the river with them.


I have always lived in Poznan and I love my town. My grandfather made me see the beauty in it with his stories, he used to tell me when I was a small kid. For him it seems unreasonable to change the big city landscape into something more eco – friendly. I think of the seaside as a good area for me. My grandfather says that it would only be changing lowlands into lowlands with a lot of water. I think that this patch of water makes a huge difference. The view of sandy dunes and the scent of the sea somewhere near my house would definately make me happy.


Last year my parents took me on a holiday to the USA. We travelled a lot and I have seen the spectacular Grand Canyon, the beautiful Mississippi River and dangerous Las Vegas. None of those objects could be compared with breathtaking Niagara Falls. From the moment I saw it I knew that the only place I could feel at home would be near a waterfall. The powerful flowing water and the noise that gradually fades away as you are irresistible. Unexpectedly appearing colourful rainbows and warm drizzles are the best memory I brought from that holiday.


Since I was a small girl I have always enjoyed holidays at a lake. I don’t mind the moskitoes and all of the other insects crawling out at night. I love the clear sky at night and admiring the stars. I smile, when it comes to my mind that I could swim at any moment I feel like cooling my body on a hot summer day and warming it up in the evening.


There is nothing more I would like to have than a little cottage near a forest or a park. I can not imagine anything better than having the possibility to go for a walk across the forest, whenever I feel like. Fresh air, the small of trees and bushes and the ground, of course. You can meet forest animals if you are lucky, and there are always new paths to search. Although my friends say that a lot of horrifying stories take place near forests or parks, I am not afraid.


If I could choose where to live and where to have a house, I would choose the most romantic and picturesque landscape of all, the valley. Valleys are coverd with greenery and are very peacefull. I could take long strolls round unbeaten paths and sunbath while lying on a freshly smelling grass.

Large town

I am a city girl and so I can not imagine living somewhere else. Perhaps it would be fun to try living in the countryside, but peacefulness of the village is not quite what I am used to. I love every day rush and the pace of the large town. I like watching people running somewhere. And I would die in a place without cinemas, malls, shops, cafés and all the stuff that makes you feel a real citizen of the world of 21st century!


It may sound silly, but I dream of living in the countryside. All my life I have been living in the big town and I am simply tired of fumes, noise, cars everywhere and all these nervous people who keep rushing in all the possible directions. What I long for is peace, quiet and green forests. I would also like to live in a real house, not a flat in an ugly block. It must be really nice, go outside your house and just watch the clouds in the sky.