When you don’t know what to do during holiday time go in for volunteering. It’s very satisfying and worth doing task.

W e all know that English language skills have become crucial to success in virtually any profession, as it is regarded the international language of commerce, technology and opportunity. As I had English in high school at a very good level I have decided to join the volunteers. Any English speaker can be a valuable resource in a classroom around the world. Even if you’ve never formally taught a classroom subject, you can teach conversational English skills. All you need is enthusiasm and a desire to help adult and youth students.

If you can you pound a nail, swing a paint brush, or plant a flower there is a nice task for you helping host communities. You work outdoors with your hands to help build, repair and paint classrooms, homes, community centers, medical clinics, and the like. Many host communities serve need help with light construction projects, landscaping and assistance to beautify public spaces, help install playgrounds and more. No professional skills are required. Anyone in good physical condition can assist with labor projects. What is interesting, children as young as eight can work in some communities with local youth and adults.

W hen I was on holidays I was blessed with big hugs, toothless smiles, bright coffee-nut eyes beaming “love” when I was caring for physically – and mentally-disabled children as a caretaker. Often no special skills are required, as caretakers are needed to listen to, play, read, exercise and share time with the children. Teens can also work in some communities with toddlers and young children.

Community initiatives and organizations reach out to provide basic nutrition, healthcare and social interaction, but often run on small budgets. You can be an important link between social services and the intended elderly recipients. You can help build and repair safe housing, engage elders in activities such as singing, dancing, playing games and developing arts and crafts projects, and assisting them on recreational outings.

Improve your vocabulary!

volunteer – wolontariusz
crucial – istotny, ­kluczowy
mentally-disabled – umysłowo, psychicznie niepełnosprawni