Living with a friend

Three friends have decided to persuade their parents to let them rent a flat and start living an independent life. Check what they have achieved!

John, Mary and Patric are friends from high school. They have known each other for ages and when John proposed them to rent their own flat, Mary and Patrick did not hesitate to say “Yes!”. But their parents said “No”. After many arguments and conversations John finally won the battle. Although, his parents consider him as an immature and lazy boy, who does not even know where his family keeps the washing machine, John’s practical point of view won. He lives with his two younger brothers in one room. His family is quite ­wealthy, but they all live in an old little house. His parents do not want to change it for a bigger one that is why they live in a three – bedroom ­house. John decided he needs more space to prepare for his final exams and as a sociable person he wants to lead more active life, which is impossible because of the permanent presence of his brothers. John earns some money, as he helps in his father’s company. He has suggested that he might as well help a bit more and earn enough for a flat. The argument of sharing the flat with Mary and Patric appeared to be very helpful after all, as John’s parents trust both of his friends.

Mary had the biggest problems to convince her parents. Although, they know John and Patric very well they did not want their daughter to live with two boys under one roof! But when she showed her family the flat she would like to rent, with room for each person, they seemed satisfied. However, the argument which finally did the job was the distance problem. Mary lives in the village, pretty far from the city, where she goes to school. It takes her more than one hour to get to the city centre, not mentioning the school. And the flat she found with boys is only 10-minute walk to the centre. Mary knows three languages so she decided to earn her money for the rent by giving the lessons.

Patric is the one who has not convinced his parents yet. He lives close to the city centre and has no accommodation problems in his house. What is more, he keeps having problems at school and his parents decided they want to keep an eye on him until he is mature enough to get down to his lessons. But Patric finally negotiated a deal with them: he will try to do the best at school and if he improves himself in 100 per cent, his parents will consider his request once again. Additionally, he has one argument that might help him. His god-father promised to pay the rent for him as long as he brings good marks from school, so he is very determined to start a new school year in a flat with his friends.

Improve your vocabulary!

persuade – przekonać
achieve – osiągnąć
hesitate – wahać się
permanent – stały, nieustanny
convince – przekonać
mention – wspominać
accommodation – zakwaterowanie
keep an eye – mieć na kogoś oko