Write a leaflet about meeting connected with protecting environment.

W Twoim mieście organizowany jest marsz ekologiczny.
Napisz ulotkę zapraszającą do wzięcia udziału w tym marszu.

Are you keen on nature? Do you want to become an eco protester? If yes, then join us during our monthly Saturday March!
We are aware of all the harm humans have done destroying our mother Earth! As we keep on working to protect our environment locally, we want our community to focus on such problems like:

  • Reducing smog over the city produced by the new factory near our town.
  • Making our citizens aware of the fact that using a car helps to get to work quickly but it makes the air we breathe highly polluted.
  • Providing non-smoking areas in public spaces everywhere ­in the town.

If you want to take part in our protest against pollution and smoking, join us on Saturday at Washington’s Square at noon exactly. We will lead our protest march towards city council and we will try to talk to people from environment and health department on any changes they should establish in future.

All the eco protesters – unite!


Write a leaflet, telling about the meeting which is about healthy food program you want to provide in your region.

Stworzyłeś program zdrowego żywienia w Twoim regionie.
Napisz ulotkę zapraszającą na spotkanie, na którym zamierzasz go przedstawić.

To whom it may concern

Do you worry about what you or your friends, families eat? Would you like to change your eating habits and stop eating out in fast food bars, for example?
Come and take part in a meeting, which is going to be held by me this Saturday, at 6 pm, in our primary school.
You will be provided with the healthy food program which I have created. We will talk about healthy diets for us and for school children. We will also try to find solutions for such issues like eating out in fast food bars, preventing children from consuming junk food and making healthy eating fashionable.
Feel invited and come with ideas.
See all of you on Saturday!

to whom it may concern – do wszystkich, których może to dotyczyć
eating habits – zwyczaje żywieniowe
provided with – otrzymacie
solution – rozwiązanie
issue – kwestia, problem
prevent – zapobiegać
junk food – niezdrowe jedzenie


A furniture fair is going to be organized in your town and you have been asked to write a short leaflet recommending the oncoming event.

Zostałeś poproszony o przygotowanie informacji o mających się odbyć targach mebli. Napisz krótką ulotkę zapraszającą na targi. Poinformuj o czasie i miejscu imprezy.

Have you been thinking about changing your old furniture recently?
There comes a chance to do this!

This Saturday some of the most popular furniture companies are organizing a fair in our town. Not only they are coming with brochures and catalogues offering products but also with sample furniture as well.
All those who are interested will be able to choose from a huge range of colours, shapes, patterns and fabrics, everything from kitchen tables through saloon sofas to bathroom showers.
If you want to redecorate the house or learn about the latest trends in furniture world, come and join us on Saturday in our secondary school. The fair starts at 9 a.m. and will not finish until the last guests leave.

Write a leaflet, telling about the oncoming day of sport in your school. Mention some of the events.

Napisz ulotkę informującą o zbliżającym się dniu sportu w Twojej szkole.

To whom it may concern

If you are keen on sport or interested in all the news about the most up-to-date extreme sports, take your family and friends and come to our secondary school on Friday.
You will be able to find out everything about your favourite sport activity from the presentations we have prepared. We will provide you with the information about the sport clubs which organize all the sports activities. If you are an adventurous person, you will be able to choose a holiday from the attractive sports holiday brochures.
You can also learn how to fly on hang glide, balloon, try rock climbing or, ride a horse! For the most adventurous participants we have organized a huge tent on the hill behind the school where you can try zorbing!
We start at 9 o’clock on Saturday morning, come and join us!

Write a leaflet to a friend, describing them the rules for guests entering Polish wedding.

Napisz wskazówkę dla angielskiego kolegi, która pomoże mu przygotować się do polskiej ceremonii ślubnej.

If you are invited for the wedding, do not come late to the church. Arrive a bit earlier, so you will have time to greet the wedding couple and take a seat in a church. You can bring flowers for the bride. If you are also invited for the reception after the wedding, you must buy a present or prepare some money. It is good to ask the bride and groom before the date of the wedding, what they would like to receive. If you want to take someone to go with you to the reception ask the wedding couple first for permission. Do not forget about to dress smartly!

Write a leaflet to your English friend where you will give him some advice on what to do when one is sick.

Twój angielski przyjaciel jest przeziębiony, a Ty musisz iść do szkoły. Napisz dla niego notatkę, w której poradzisz mu, co ma robić w tej sytuacji.

Tom, there is some milk left in the fridge and I put a jar of honey on the table. Heat the milk and mix it with some honey. Drink it hot and then run to the bed. If I were you, I would stay in bed all day. If you feel that you have temperature, take aspirin and drink hot tea with honey. I will go to the doctor after the lessons and bring him straight to you. If you feel worse, do not hesitate and call me.

Write a leaflet inviting people from your school for a lecture about contemporary state.

Napisz ulotkę, w której zaprosisz uczniów swojej szkoły na wykład poświęcony współ­czesnemu państwu.

Hi Everyone!

Are you interested in contemporary state and its affairs? Would you like to know the answer to problems of today’s world? If yes, then come and take part in a series of lectures on state and society. You will learn about social benefits, unemployment and taxes. You will have the differences between biological and conventional weapon, political and environmental refugees explained. You will also get the chance to listen to a discussion on charities and state expenses. If you are willing to join us this weekend, then come to our secondary school and take part!

Write a leaflet to your friend telling them how to get to the seaside from Warsaw.

Napisz notatkę dla przyjaciela, w której wyjaśnisz mu, jak dotrzeć z Warszawy nad morze.

The best way to get to the seaside is to take the train. At the weekends Warsaw railway station has got a special offer – weekend tickets. They cost much less, and having one you can travel wherever you want within the weekend. The train terminates at Gdynia, but you can get off at Sopot or Gdańsk. Then go at the bus station and ask about buses to your destination place. Buses are cheap so you do not have to worry much about money. Have a good time!

Write a leaflet where you present a night film marathon that is going to take place in the local cinema.

Napisz ulotkę informującą o filmach, które zostaną pokazane podczas nocnego maratonu w miejscowym kinie.

To whom it may concern.

There is going to be a night film marathon on Friday! It starts at 11 pm and finishes around 5 am. It is a special occasion, as this marathon is devoted to all horror movies fans! We are going t watch three horrors. The first, titled ‘Scream 1’, was directed by famous Wes Craven, whom you may remember from the ‘Freddy Kruger’ series. Although the plot is simple and the answer ‘who is killing’ for most of you may appear simple, the movie is worth seeing because of great acting of the main characters, especially Neve Cambell. The second film to be shown is ‘Blair witch project’. As you probably heard, this amateur movie has become a huge success in America and now is at the top for horror movies. The last but not least is a film which hard to describe as a typical horror, but is not a thriller either. ‘Identity’, starring John Cusack, known from romantic comedy ‘High fidelity’, is not romantic at all in this story. Which is another reason, except an interesting plot and setting, why you should watch this remarkable film.


Write a leaflet for the candidates applying for the job in the company, where you ­explain them all the recruitment steps.

Napisz notatkę dla kandydatów starających się o pracę w firmie. Wytłumacz im wszystkie etapy rekrutacji.

Hello everyone, If you want to apply for any vacant position in our company you are firstly required to fill in the application form and then send it in. We expect you to attach also you CV and covering letter, where you are encouraged to explain, why you wanted a particular post and why you think you are a suitable person on this position.
Secondly, all your applications will be put into the selection process. We will concentrate on your educational qualifications, work experience and additional skills.
Thirdly, some of you will be invited for the individual interviews, where we will check your references.
Finally, we will offer the job to some of you, and if the person accepts it we will hire them.