Divorce has become really common nowadays so if it happens to you, you should never feel you are alone. With the family crisis divorce is something people face more and more often.

If your parents are getting divorced – or have divorced – remember that:

You should never hide this fact from all your friends and collegues. You must have at least one person you can talk to. A problem, when shared, becomes smaller. Sometimes people find it difficult to talk about problems in their family, but believe me, your friends’ families are also not always perfect.

Try to find also a relative you can rely on – grandparents for example. It would be perfect if you could phone them or visit when you feel you can’t stand constant quarrels in your family. Also tell your parents not to quarrel when you are at home. They might not realize it hurts you so much.

Remember that the divorce is never your fault. Your parents are adults who were once in love and this situation concerns them, not you. You should never feel guilty. If your father leaves the family, he doesn’t leave you, but your mother.

You probably love both of them and you don’t have to decide whom you love more. You don’t have to listen when your mum says your father is a bastard. You don’t have to take the decision who to live with. Simply say this. Be assertive.

Be frank, but emphatic. It is clear yoor parents might feel strong emotions. If you see that your mum is jealous, because you love the weekends with your father’s family, don’t emphasise it! Simply say that it was OK and don’t give details.

If you spend weekends with your father (or mother) ask him to spend them normally from time to time. Entertainment is nice, but you also need everyday contact. Also try to contact your father during the week, if you can, just to be in touch. Send him an SMS sometimes. It is not easy to be a weekend parent – remember about that.

Think that it is better to have divorced parents than to listen to quarrels all the time.

Improve your vocabulary!

quarrel – kłótnia, kłócić się
artificial – sztuczne
awkward – niezręczny
jealous – zazdrosny
relative – krewny
fault – wina
bastard – drań