Do this quiz with a piece of paper. Draw the following grid (siatka).

This is your room. The entrance is in G, H or I. Probably your room is not really square, but do not worry: you just divide your room roughly (z grubsza) into sections. Then draw a plan into your sections (bird’s eye view) of the furniture and object that you have in your room. When you’ve done, answer the questions below.

1. In section A, you’ve got:

a) a dustbin 0
b) flowers or paintings 5
c) an armchair 2

2. In section B, you’ve got:

a) a big window with flower pots 5
b) a desk with a lamp 2
c) your bed which is never made 0

3. In section C, you’ve got:

a) a small bed table with a photo of your girlfriend/boyfriend 5
b) a heavy desk with your computer 0
c) your pet’s place 2

4. In section D you’ve got:

a) shelves with old books 2
b) photographs of your grandparents 5
c) a CD-player 0

5. In section E there is:

a) nothing 2
b) a beautiful lamp with bells and decorations and a pretty rug (dywanik) on the floor 5
c) your bicycle 0

6. In section F you’ve got:

a) some extravagant furniture or vivid pictures 5
b) a desk 0
c) funny photos or posters 2

7. In section G you’ve got:

a) a desk and books 5
b) a comfortable sofa 2
c) a wardrobe 0

8. In section H you’ve got:

a) an aquarium 5
b) a mirror 2
c) a cupboard (szafka) 0

9. In section I there is:

a) a phone 2
b) souvenirs, stones 5
c) a chest of drawers (komoda) 0

Now answer these questions – add (dodaj) or withdraw (zabierz) points for sentences you agree with:

  • I’ve got lots of flowers and plants in my room. (3)
  • I’ve got lots of sharp shapes. (-3)
  • when I sit at my desk and somebody enters, I can’t see him. (-3)
  • when I lie on my bed, my feet are directed at the door. ( -3)
  • I’ve got some dried flowers in my room. (-3)
  • I’ve got a mirror/mirrors. (3)

Now count your points.

  • 40–51
    You live according to feng-shui and probably you are successful in all aspects of your life.
  • 30–39
    You have some feng-shui intuition, but there are areas you could improve.
  • 19–29
    You are not a feng-shui fan.
  • 10–18
    Well, it’s not very good…
  • 0–9
    Disaster! You should change everything in your room.

Now if you feel that you need changes for better in this particular area, you should clean it, eliminate chaos, put things such as mirrors, bells, cristals, fresh flowers.


You split up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, but you still love him/her. It appears that the corner C of your room is dark and dull. You keep there some sports equipment or old books in boxes.
You should remove all these objects and for example put there fresh flowers in a crystal vase. Perhaps you are going to be together again!