Wybierz słowo z ramki i wstaw je w odpowiednią lukę.

wear; think; have; for; talking; at; sure; can; is; learn

Polish “new” schools

Polish students will _____ (1) to cope with a new situation _____ (2) school from the beginning of this school year. They will have to ______ (3) uniforms to school! Here are two students and their parents talking about the changes:
Tomek: At the beginning I thought it was the most horrible thing that _______(4) be done to students but now I don’t mind uniforms at all. Maybe the girls will stop _______ (5) about the clothes they are wearing all the time.
Tomek’s dad: I really like the idea and
I ______ (6) that this is a way to make students respect teachers more. They won’t concentrate on what to wear to school but on what to _________ (7) from

Marta: I don’t like the uniforms at our school. The colour ______(8) horrible! We will all be the same! It will make our school so official and unfriendly!
Marta’s mum: I’m not _______ (9) if it’s the best way to make students learn more. All I know is that I have to pay ___________ (10) the new outfit and I will still have to buy my daughter new clothes. She meets her friends after school anyway.


1 – have; 2 – at; 3 – wear; 4 – can; 5 – talking; 6 – think; 7 – learn; 8 –is; 9 – sure; 10 – for.