For teenagers, time out of school is not only doing homework, studying and thinking of school. They also spend time with the people they like. Who are these people? How do you have fun with them?

Spending time with your friends

  • culture freaks – Going to a museum may seem boring (nudne) but not if you are going with somebody who understands you perfectly. You can talk honestly about what you’ve just seen. You don’t have to be afraid that some adult (dorosły) will not agree with your opinion about boring and completely uninteresting display (wystawa). You don’t want to go to a museum? Go to the cinema or theatre.
  • shoppers – Going shopping with friends doesn’t have to end with buying something. You can just show your friend things you like and you won’t hear „Not this month, it’s too expensive”. Mall and Shopping Centres (centra handlowe) have many nice places to sit down and chat (no parents next to you listening to your conversation!).
  • studying together – Meeting friends to study? Of course! It is said that you learn quicker if you are interested in something. If you are interested in your friends, you will be interested in studying together. You can help each other in homework, asking questions, talking about different subjects. Hopefully, both of you can concentrate.
  • sport with a friend – You want to do some sport, you know it’s healthy but… you have no motivation! Going to the gym with a friend (or friends) will make sport extreme pleasure! You can work out and gossip (plotkować) at the same time. Going jogging, riding a bike, playing football, basketball or tennis, or just walk, walk, walk – it’s so nice to do it with friends!


Spending time with your family

  • talking seriously – You think your parents don’t understand you? Maybe they don’t but they are still your parents. They are always there when all your friends have gone home. You don’t have to sit in your room on your own. Talk to your parents and get to know them better (poznać lepiej)! Sometimes it’s good to have somebody you can trust who can help you if you have any doubts (mieć wątpliwości).
  • memories – Isn’t it nice to listen stories about when you were a baby? The stories can be scary or embarrassing (zawstydzające) for you, but you have to admit – they are funny as well! And what about your grandparents’ stories? They always have thousands of things to tell you. How it was when they were teenagers, what they had and what they didn’t have.
  • family meetings – They can be extremely boring and long! It’s good to have a companion during such meetings. Call your cousins regularly, and you won’t be alone during lunch at your grandparents’. You can’t avoid (unikać) family meetings so it’s better to enjoy them.
  • time with the old folks – It’s the weekend. You have finished your homework, there’s nothing on TV, you are bored. But do you have to be bored? Invite your family for a walk or go to the cinema. Laugh, joke, have a good time.


A typical day of a normal teenager

What do you do every day? Is every day exactly the same? What time do you get up? Are you ever late for school? What do you do when you come back from school? What is a typical day of a teenager?

6.30 – The alarm clock goes off. (an alarm clock – budzik; to go off – tu: dzwonić;)
6.31 – I fall asleep.
6.35 – My mum wakes me up (brutally!).
6.40 – I try to convince (przekonać) my mum that I am horribly ill (flu or sore throat).
6.45 – I go to the bathroom. I wash myself, brush my teeth (myję zęby) and get dressed.
7.00 – Somebody knocks (puka) at the door (usually my sister, sometimes my dad).
7.05 – I eat breakfast (and try to convince my mum I’m ill).
7.20 – I drag my dog out of his basket. Is he sleeping or is he dead?
7.40 – I walk the dog.
7.50 – I set out (wyruszam) for school. I run because I always leave home too late.
8.00 – Classes start. For the next six hours I read, listen, write tests, answer question and exercise during the Physical Education.
11.00 – I have my lunch. Normally I eat a sandwich and some fruit.
1 pm – I finish classes!!!
1.30 pm – I get back home and walk the doggie. If there is a shopping list, I go to the shop.
2 pm – I usually have half an hour to clean my room.
2.30 pm – I eat something light.
3 pm – I start my after school classes: on Monday and Wednesday – English classes; Tuesday – swimming; Wednesday and Friday – tennis classes. Thursday – singing classes;
5 pm – I start doing my homework and at 6 pm I have a break; at the weekend I meet my friends! We hang out or go to the cinema.
6 pm – My family and I eat dinner and talk about our day.
7 pm – I go back to my homework. My dad helps me if there is anything difficult.
9 pm – I take a bath, wash my hair and get ready for bed. If there is something interesting on TV I watch it.
11 pm – I go to sleep.