How do signs influence your weight and what you eat?

Read and check!

You love original, exotic dishes, especially these which are spicy. You simply love garlic, onion and bananas. Your choice will be often a Chinese restaurant, or you might opt for sushi in a sushi bar. Often it is difficult for you to lose weight. You should definitely avoid sweets and read the menus carefully.

Sometimes you have problems with digestion. You should eat more fruit, vegetables and vegetable soups. You should avoid fat dishes and eat a lot of fiber (for example in musli) and spices. A perfect breakfast will be cereals, and soup for lunch is a must.

Your problem is that you are always in a hurry, you don’t like cooking and you simply don’t care what you eat. As a result you can observe fluctuation in weight. What you should do is eat more peacefully and more regularly. You should eat fish, fruit and vegetables.

You love eating and you love cooking – so you might have a tendency to put on weight. You should pay more attention to what you eat (and how many calories!) and when you choose products, you should check how much fat and carbohydrates they contain.

You like variety and you simply love sweets and cakes! Often your meals are too fat and contain too many calories. You should watch what you eat and choose low-calories products. Also you shouldn’t eat between meals.

You are interested in healthy eating and diets and you eat lots of vegetables, fruit, low-fat products. You love following diets, especially these that mean a way of life. You can be a vegetarian or on macrobiotic diet. You are slim and fit. Simply perfect!

You love ice-cream and cookies and as you always live in a hurry, they become your staple diet. You should eat more healthy: fewer sweets and sausages, more vegetables. You also should drink a lot of water.

When your moods change, your diet changes, too. Today you live on water, green tea and raw vegetables, tomorrow you will go to McDonalds. You should eat more regularly. Pasta and rice are good for you. You should drink herbal tea.

You hate diets. You eat a lot of food: you love meat, hamburgers, hot-dogs. You don’t follow diets. You also often go to parties which means eating very late. You should change your habits and follow a reasonable diet. Grapefruits, lemons, oranges and all berries are beneficial for you.

You like traditional cooking, and this would not be a problem, if you didn’t forget about fruit and vegetables. Remember that fruit is not only in cakes, and vegetables does not mean cabbage with bacon. You have a tendency to put on weight so you should use products low in fat.

You rarely eat healthy food: it is simply too fat and too quick. You should eat more fruit, especially apples and oranges. Avoid heavy sauces, chocolate and cookies.

You can have problems with you stomach and in your case traditional cuisine is not reccommended. For your sign fish and seafood are perfect. Drink a lot of water and juices and eat dairy products, such as cottage cheese or yoghurt.

garlic – czosnek
opt for – wybierać
lose weight – chudnąć
fluctuation in weight – wahania wagi
put on weight – przytyć, przybrać na wadze
low-calories products – produkty niskokaloryczne
low-fat products – produkty niskotłuszczowe
follow a diet – przestrzegać diety
macrobiotic diet – dieta makrobiotyczna
staple diet – podstawowa dieta
raw – surowy
berries – jagody
beneficial – korzystny
cabbage – kapusta
tendency – tendencja
traditional cuisine – tradycyjna kuchnia